The Anchor: 5 Emerging Trends In Digital Media

06 Sep,2012

By Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer


Funny that what is emerging today can become passe in couple of years, if not less. But that’s the digital space… fast, evolving, driven by the masses, if it’s good it will sell online. So if you had to look at the near future, and that’s just planning for the one year ahead, then here are 5 things that seem to be quietly brewing in the various nooks and corners of the wireless world – the Internet.


#1 Mobile Internet: Don’t underestimate the power of mobile internet.  The number of people accessing the web on their phones is much more than those accessing via desktops/laptops. Mobile is very quickly but surely changing data consumption, infotainment, social connectivity.


#2 Social is Going Visual: There is a lot of visual content out there, with the exception of twitter and LinkedIn where the visuals are yet to come of age primarly given the interfaces of these networks. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… its all about visual content that is getting shared  — images, videos — impressive compelling content that is engaging. Everyone is sharing and adding their viewpoint to these visual treats. Brands out there need to build their visual content quickly and smartly understanding that branded content will not be shared.


#3 Digital AdSpends Unleashed: Even as a few homegrown giants have recognized the power of the digital media, and are slowly and surely increasing digital spends, most multinational players have mandates from their global headquarters to go digital. Indian arms are being questioned why their digital spends are less than 1 per cent of total ad spends. And CMOs are being forced to get involved in learning the digital ropes and diving deep into the digital waters themselves.


#4 Digital Workshops: How can one increase spends when there is little knowledge to cope with the medium. Digital workshops within large MNCs are the order of the day. Indian corporations should ideally take a lesson or two and get their top line marketing and sales people, the decision makers to hone their digital acumen.


#5 TV v/s Digital – Push v/s Pull : For the fence sitters still smug about TV reach v/s Digital reach – think about the 80:20 rule. That 20 which is the cream of your business is on the web, and they never were much influenced by TV advertising and even more so today. They are researching online, no matter where they are buying products from. It is all about peer to peer recommendation, perception, and information you have put out about your brand online, and how quickly you can respond to individual customers.


Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer is Founder-MD at BC Web Wise Pvt. Ltd


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