The Anchor: 4 challenges hampering mobile advtg growth

13 Sep,2012

By Narasimha Suresh


#1 The mobile, as a handheld device, is a lot more personal and contextual. Advertising on this medium thus cannot be the same as on the internet. A promotional ad that is sent to a handheld device can excite. But if it does not, it can create more harm to the brand. Thus, contextual and relevant marketing is missing, and this is the foremost challenge.


#2 The current inventory and mechanism available does not address the advertising issue for mobiles. The banner advertising or SMS might not be relevant at all times. There are clearly not too many options that are available or that an advertiser can leverage.


#3 Brand marketers do not know how to measure the impact of mobile advertising. Advertisers need to engage consumer not only through content but also through context. The mobile advertisement should not be a push, but pull consumers. Since this is all about advertising on handheld devices, the advertising needs to target the person there and then. If a person is checking out a product, the offer or advertisement about the product or category should reach them immediately.


#4 There exists an ecosystem problem as well. The penetration of 3G and smartphones is still limited. If 3G spectrum is present, the network is too slow. Smartphones are priced highly, and thus limit the reach.


Narasimha Suresh is CEO and Founder of TELiBrahma.


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