Sweet, new offering from Parle (& Everest)

06 Sep,2012

By A Correspondent


Londonderry is the latest offering from the group of Parle Products. It is an exquisite hard-boiled candy filled with rich caramel and milk solids. It is available at 50 paisa across all leading kirana and modern retail stores in India.


Aim / Objective

In order to enter the Lacto candy market in India, Parle has launched the Londonderry candy. Our objective was to create clutter-breaking communication for the consumers and register the new brand’s identity in their minds.



Its appealing packaging in red with the Londonderry town snap on the face, makes it a distinct Premium offering in the cluttered candy market. It is priced at 50p and comes in a convenient pillow-pack, targeting a wide consumer segment ranging from kids, youth to families. The brand name is inspired from an actual town in Ireland.



The magical town of Londonderry.

The films are inspired by the rich English-Irish culture of the Irish town of Londonderry. We have captured the old world charm of this city in our TVCs through 3 magical executions.


The aim was to capture the imagination of the masses by doing something simple yet fascinating. The viewers get transported to this amazing town which is full of sweet wonders, whether it is a dancing cow, a painter who paints with his beard or a kid with a special talent for fast reading. But that’s not what Londonderry is famous for, It’s famous for its rich milk and caramel candy. Londonderry. Tasty. Very Very.


Rahul Jauhari, NCD Everest said, “The vision was to craft the brand as an International one. I’m pretty happy with the way our team has managed to achieve that. Kids are loving the films. That’s good enough reward for the hard work that’s gone in.”


Pramod Sharma, Creative Director, Everest saids, “The films are part real, part magical. Bringing these stories to life was a real challenge. Especially in a timeframe as short as 25 seconds. The cast, location, the setup, the animation – all were chosen very, very carefully. Peter Pasic’s and Ricky Kapoor’s team did a fine job of making sure everything fell into place just right.”


There are three films in this series


Dancing Cow
[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYdN_q9Bybc[/youtube]
Beard Painter
[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaNbTnkis68[/youtube]



The Library film will be released at a later stage of the campaign.



Agency: Everest Brand Solutions

Creative Team: Pramod Sharma, Bappaditya Saha, Sushant Karane, Sharif Shaikh & Samir Chonkar


NCD-Rahul Jauhari

Servicing Team: Siddhi Shah & Ravi Walia


Agency Head-Dhunji Wadia

Planning Team: Meraj Hasan & Tanya Shinde

Client: Parle Products Pvt. Ltd


Mr. Mayank Shah – Group Product Manager

Mr. Amit Thakur – Product Manager

Mr. Rahul Ramachandran- Deputy Brand Manager

Film Director: Petar Pasic

Production House: Picture Perfect

Music Director: Aleksandar Kostic


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