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07 Sep,2012


By Sorbojeet Chatterjee


1) Big B plays the role of a quiz master on KBC. Which quiz master is the behind the scenes star as the producer and director of this blockbuster TV show


2) Sushil Kumar, the famous 5 Crore winner from the last season of KBC, recently participated in a reality show. Identify the show?


3) Slumdog Millionaire was based on KBC where Anil Kapoor played the anchor. Which bestselling book was the movie adapted from?


4) Who was the first celebrity guest on KBC?


How will KBC rate this season?
By Meghna Sharma


When people press the power button on the TV remote today at prime time, it will be a little different from other days. Tonight sees the return of Amitabh Bachchan to the small screen hosting the sixth season of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). Viewers will enter the world of information and trivia, pitting their living-room wits against the contestants or just enjoying the Big B’s banter and easy chatting style.


Whatever the reason, Sony will be hoping to nab as many eyeballs as possible.

And if MEC, a media buying and planning agency and a founding partner of Group M, is to be believed, KBC 2012 is estimated to deliver 10 percent higher viewership than before. MEC partnered with Meritus Analytics India Ltd to find out the estimate for this season. The approach used for KBC was based on past learning from IPL estimation and the fact that increase in TVRs for a new programme is due to a combination of increase in PUT (People Using Television) and people already viewing television moving to the new programme from their regular programming. MEC and Meritus built a statistical model using a set of TV shows to understand the factors affecting PUT and channel share for such non-sports programmes.


The key influencing factors delineated are:

> Programme promotions on the channel, network and also other channels
> Promotion across other media like Radio and Newspapers
> Search volume index as a measure of viewer buzz
The base channel share of the airing channel


MEC estimates that the programme will deliver higher than last year due to three reasons.

1. Sony as a channel has seen  its viewership base grow since the launch of KBC last year. Therefore the base viewership for the channel is at a higher level compared to the last season.

2. Search volumes indicate that the buzz is almost double of last season.

3. Also the fact that the show has moved to the weekend without clashing with the weekly soaps could add to viewership.


MxMIndia spoke to other media planners to find out what they think, and what they predict for the show.


Ambika Srivastava
Chairperson, ZenithOptimedia India and chairperson, VivaKi Exchange

I think the show will do well; however, it is difficult to say if it’s going to be 5 percent or 10 percent or 15 percent. The content strategy of the show is very interesting and it has a very broad-based appeal. The contestants in the show come from different backgrounds and represent the ‘aam adami’ and it is this connect which appeals to the masses and makes them switch on their television sets. Having said that, I do believe that only time will tell how it will perform this time around too.





Neel Kamal Sharma
COO – Buying, Madison Group

I don’t think the ratings will be higher than last year; on the contrary, I think it will be tough even to maintain its last season’s TVRs as building weekend viewership has always been difficult, compared to weekdays. However, there is no doubt that the show has performed consistently over the years. The main reason is that there has been some fresh thought on both execution and promotion. I recollect elements like connecting well with small town viewers, touching their heart via audition of people who have screen presence or some charisma to make content more interesting for viewers. Sony has really worked on it every year for it not to become monotonous, so I am pretty confident that they will continue to re-apply their learnings from the past.




Suresh Balakrishnan
CEO, BPN India

According to our company, this year the show will be able to generate 5.6 percent TVR in the opening weekend. This is because firstly, the show this time will be aired on the weekend which can lead to more eyeballs. Secondly, in the past 12 weeks the channel has been doing well. Thus, having the momentum will help the show and the channel too. Lastly, the ‘gyaan’ route which they have taken this season seems to be working. It has a connect with tier II and III cities.


Year after year, the show has been performing consistently. In the beginning it was Amitabh Bachchan and the money. Although these two still remain a major factor, over the years it is the hope of becoming somebody from a nobody which has attracted the common man. Look at last year’s winner, he’s a mini celebrity today!




Mohit Joshi
Managing director, MPG

I’m not sure if it will be 10 percent, but I do expect the ratings to go up this year as the platform (Sony) has also evolved over time and has a better base-level performance today. Apart from Big B knack of connecting with the viewers, another reason why it will help the show is the fact that it’s on the weekend. It will definitely push up the buzz as we saw in the case of Satyamev Jayate. Also, a weekend slot will ensure no conflict with the ongoing daily soaps which will be an added advantage. However, to break from the monotony, since it’s been running for years now, the channel can take a few steps:


1. Make the show more socially relevant

2. Need to go to the next level of contributing positively to the primary education of this country by creating KBC hubs in localities which support educational programmes and create local millionaires


5) Mr Bachchan is synonymous with ‘Lock Kiya Jaaye’. What phrase did SRK use?


6) Which celebrity was roped in to host KBC in Bhojpuri for Mahuaa TV?


7) What is Harshvardhan Nawathe’s claim to fame?


8 ) Which advertising agency is behind the popular KBC marketing campaigns (Koi bhi sawaal chota nahin hota and Sirf Gyaan hi aapko aapka haq dilate hai) for Season 4 and 5?


9) What is the lifeline called where the contestant can guess 2 answers for a particular question?


10) Which brand integrated their campaign ‘Ek Crore Ka Shortcut’ with KBC during the last season?


11) Bengali superstars Mithun Chakravarty and Prosenjit Chatterjee were offered to host KBC in Bengali. However which celebrity was eventually signed?


12) Celador sold the rights of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to a Dutch company 2waytraffic in 2006. Which global giant acquired 2waytraffic in 2008?


13) Identify the only celebrity couple/team that has won Rs 1 Crore in KBC?


14) In Season 2, Mr Bachchan shot for 61 out of the 85 episodes before he was critically unwell. When did he return to shoot the balance episodes?


15) What is special about the book Amitabh Ka Khazana?


16) Zee tried to counter KBC with a show that offered 10 Crores as prize money and was hosted by Anupam Kher and Manisha Koirala. Name the show?


17) Even Sony created a show called Jeeto Chappad Phaad Ke to try and counter KBC. Who was the host?


18) Kaun Banega Champu was a popular spoof on KBC3 and the host mimicked SRK and was called Ruk Ruk Khan. On which channel was it broadcast?


19) During the last season, Big B handed out Axis Bank cheques to the winner. This was a much talked about media innovation during Season 1 of KBC. Which bank pioneered this integration?


20) Sachin Tendulkar and Madhuri Dixit came together on KBC Season 1 for a special show to raise funds for the victims of which calamity?


21) During Sushil Kumar’s journey of answering the questions to win the biggest prize, which former TV news presenter was the ‘expert’ who answered the 1 Crore question correctly?


22) Which television actress has appeared thrice on KBC winning 3.2 lakhs in Season 1, 6.4 lakhs in Season 2 and 25 lakhs in Season 5?


23) ‘Lock Kiya Jaye’ became a catchphrase after the first season of KBC. Identify the country where this was first used as ‘Lock it in’ by the host Eddie McGuire?


24) Sushil Kumar from Motihari, Bihar won 5 Crores in Season 5 and created history. Which bestseller author was born in Motihari?


25) Lara Dutta appeared as a celebrity guest along with which tennis player in the second season of KBC?

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