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25 Sep,2012

This Day, Last Year

From the MxMIndia Archives


There was no edition on September 24 and 25 last year, so we bring you a few headlines from the edition of September 23, 2011.


Can Sony be GEC #1?


Mediaah!: Is Arnab Goswami the “over-the-top anchor” in the TOI ad?


First on MxMIndia: Slowdown forces Bright Outdoor to give up BEST bus biz


Polish Your Media Literacy

Media literacy is a set of skills that anyone can learn. Just as literacy is the ability to read and write, media literacy refers to the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media messages of all kinds.


These are essential skills in today’s world. Today, many people get most of their information through complex combinations of text, images and sounds. We need to be able to navigate this complex media environment, to make sense of the media messages that bombard us every day, and to express ourselves using a variety of media tools and technologies.


Laugh of the Day

You read MxMIndias Reviewing the Reviews on Heroine… now check out the saucy one Deepa Gahlot didnt include:



Tweet Of The Day

GreenBean Ventures co-founder Lloyd Mathias @LloydMathias: Only after he plans the Kingfisher calendar RT@firstpostin: SBI hopes Mallya will come up with a plan to revive KFA


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