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24 Sep,2012

This Day, Last Year

From the MxMIndia Archives


There was no edition on September 24 and 25 last year, so we bring you a few headlines from the edition of September 22, 2011.

The first is a story given the CreativeLand Asia’s big win at Spikes Asia. Then we had this story forecasting adspends in the festive season and finally an anchor by Sneha Iype that you must read even a year after it first appeared.

Rise of the Indie

Festive season ad spends to rise by 60%

The Anchor: Sneha Iype recalls 8 memorable characters on Indian television

Good To Read

Body language counts more than we may realize, with studies finding out that how we say what we say to people is at least as important as what we say to them. Brush up on this before your next client meeting…


Joke Of The Day

How many editors does it take to change a light bulb?

Only one, but first he has to rewire the entire building.


Tweet Of The Day

Mahesh Murthy, CEO, Pinstorm and co-founder Seedfund ‏@maheshmurthy:

Toyota Camry ad at Delhi Airport contends that persuasion is better than domination. There goes its NCR sales.


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