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21 Sep,2012

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Business Lessons From Barfi | Pondicherry In Pictures

Barfi! has opened to great acclaim from critics and the audience. The simple story about a deaf and mute boy (Barfi played by Ranbir Kapoor), an autistic girl (Jhilmil played by Priyanka Chopra) and a girl (Shruti played by Ileana D’Cruz) from a different, normal world has touched the hearts of many. For one viewer, the film bears some great lessons which can inspire us to do the extraordinary and take the leap to become change-makers in life and business.


Give the visual side of your brain something to do, with these photographs documenting life ‘back then’. This BBC show traces the development of photography in Pondicherry (now Puducherri) from the late 19th to the early 20th century.




Spikes Asia 2011 happened around the same time and we carried the report on India’s winnings on September 21. We also carried a feature on outdoor veteran John Ellery


Indian agencies bag 34 metals at Spikes Asia


Innovation and OOH are synonymous: John Ellery


Joke Of The Day

How many computer journalists does it take to change a light bulb?


Five. One to write a review of all the existing light bulbs so you can decide which one to buy, another one to write a remarkably similar one in another magazine the next month, a third to have a big one come out on glossy paper two months later that is by then completely out of date, a fourth to hint in her column that a completely new and updated bulb is coming out, and the fifth to report a rumour that the new bulb is shipping with a virus.


Tweet Of The Day

Dhunji Wadia, President, Everest Brand Solutions @dhunji: RT @14_yr_old_Etard: Happy Birthday to the smiley emoticon 🙂 as it turns 30 years old today. Thank you for helping us end all those stupid conversations.

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