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17 Sep,2012

This Day, Last Year
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Since September 15 & 16 were working days last year, we bring you archives from 3 days today. On Sept 17, we carried a story which spoke of the PMO wanting a regulator for print ads. On the 16th we had an interesting feature on whether YouTube was fragmenting TV audiences.  On Sept 15, while we had several news stories our Anchor by Anita Nayyar drew several hits.


September 17, 2011

Another ASCI in the making? PMO wants regulator for misleading ads.


September 16, 2011

Is YouTube fragmenting TV audiences?


September 15

The anchor: Anita Nayyar on 8 reasons women are better bosses than men


Must-Read for the FB Age
When even ‘unfriending’ someone on Facebook seems like a terrible snub, how do you declutter your social circle?

Joke Of The Day
Q: How many art directors does it take to change a lightbulb?


A: Does it have to be a lightbulb?


Tweet Of The Day
Swapan Seth, adman and writer @swapanseth: Most Indian advertising CEOs are hardly active, if at all there, on Twitter. I find that odd. Given that their clients are.
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