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13 Sep,2012

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With the festive season round the corner, MxMIndia ran a feature asking marketers and media planners about the mood prevailing in the market, and what lay in store for brands


The other big story was the return of mythology shows in the Hindi GEC space to boost TRPs.



Marketers, hark. Here’s a story on the return of cola major Coca-Cola to Myanmar (formerly Burma) after a gap of 60 years. That makes Cuba and North Korea the only countries where Coke does not do business.


Joke of the Day

A software manager, a hardware manager, and a marketing manager are driving to a meeting when a tyre blows. They get out of the car and look at the problem. The software manager says: “I can’t do anything about this – it’s a hardware problem.”


The hardware manager says: “Maybe if we turned the car off and on again, it would fix itself.”


The marketing manager says: “Hey, 75% of it is working – let’s ship it!”



Tweet of the Day

Sucheta Dalal @suchetadalal: 5 business channes+India feeds of BBC-CNN – and nobody is covering the launch of Apple’s new iPhone!! Do they know their viewers??

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