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14 Sep,2012

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Digitization was everywhere as the Lok Sabha passed the much-awaited Bill with the assurance that cable operators will not be harmed in the process. The digitization sunset date for the four metros was then set for June 2012.


The other big news was print major The Hindu Group getting busy with new launches, expanding its footprint and taking new people on board. MxMIndia had an exclusive with K Balaji, Managing Director, Kasturi and Sons.


iPhone’s iAd not working?
Amidst the hype surrounding the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 5, it seems its much-touted mobile ad platform iAd could turn out to be a failure. Rival phone companies may have found this story particularly interesting. 
We’re Liking It
The power of a thumbs-up, as executed graphically by Art Director Pankaj Bhagat and Copywriter Anandi Sah. (Can be viewed on



Pi In The Sky

At least one reason for looking up (but look down first to ensure you’re not stepping into a rain puddle or a dog turd)

Tweet of the Day
Rupa Gulab, author and adperson (@rupagulab): Mamata’s unhappy abt the diesel price hike, and I’m unhappy abt Mamata in general. Can we do a Mamata roll back? Please?
Weekend Read
Tired of the shallow stuff? Here’s something to sink your mental teeth into. In fact, we recommend that marketers and advertisers looking for a better connect with their consumers and TGs should graze through this


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