Rohini Gauthaman: General Manager – North At Media Direction Rk Swamy

05 Sep,2012

(Work experience: 9 years)


She has a better way to soak in extra knowledge; an attribute she feels sets her apart from her peers. Avers Gauthaman: “There is so much of information one can gather by just listening! And that is precisely what I do most often. I love to listen to people, analyze reaction when spoken, interpret gestures and expression which I believe usually talks more than words!”


But besides being an avid listener, an amateur cake baker and an animal lover (do minus the lizard and the cockroach variety!!), Gauthaman’s main area of focus is media planning. A major portion of her time in a day is spent towards her role as GM while her remaining time is spent with arguments & discussions with her husband, focusing on re-educating herself with her class 7 son and in disturbing her lazy sleepy dog.


Gauthaman did her MA in English Literature (Central University, Hyderabad) and took up towards Advertising Management as a career option. She specialized into the profession by doing a course from MICA. As she puts it: “And so, putting words to numbers, picture-zing and understanding bars and curves has been my passion for the last 17 years.”


Sharing her inclination towards media planning and buying, Gauthaman said: “Media has always been like a puzzle game – analyzing data, understanding consumer behavior, customizing budgets to plans and eventually shopping media intrigued me more than copy writing/servicing. So from starting off as a client servicing person at my first job, I switched to Media planning and buying later.”


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