Robin Thomas: The journey has just begun

10 Sep,2012

By Robin Thomas


It’s been close to a year since I joined MxMIndia and the journey, I feel, has just begun. Despite the tough competition in the market, brand MxM has already created positive vibes, not just among the media industry but also with advertisers and agencies. Some of my favourite stories include my interview with the ‘Angry Birds’ creator -Henry Holm, SVP, Rovio Asia. MxMIndia has given me opportunities to interview Terry Peigh, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, IPG among the many others, not restricted to my beats alone. I think of all my responsibilities at MxMIndia, as a Senior Correspondent, I have enjoyed interviewing industry veterans the most.


Conducting video interviews I think has been another fascinating aspect of my job and now I am most eager to learn how to edit these videos and upload them on our site. This is also the first time I attended and covered Goafest and also the first time I ever visited Goa. I think covering the biggest advertising festival – Goafest 2012 will be one of my most memorable moments at MxMIndia not only because of the round the clock coverage, interactions with ad veterans but, also because of some wonderful presentations and creatives that came to light, leaving many awestruck.


The last few months saw plenty of action in the digital space, and although India drew nil at Cannes, industry veterans observe the recent spurt in mergers and acquisitions as a sign of good things to come. Radio too saw some action with inter ministerial committees being formed and the government inviting pre-bidding qualifications for FM Phase III. Internet radio stations in India is slowly beginning to gain recognition, Venturenet Partners launched an internet radio station this year, WorldSpace Satellite is also planning to explore internet radio soon, FM stations like PlanetRadiocity has been constantly adding new web radio stations so on and so forth.


Covering Goafest 2012 will be one of my most memorable moments at MxMIndia not only because of the round the clock coverage, interactions with ad veterans, but also because of some wonderful presentations and creatives.

Speaking of stories, I must confess I am beginning to enjoy writing stories on digital more often, probably because there is so much I can write about this medium and so much still to learn and write about. As far as radio is concerned, I recently wrote a story on Community Radio Stations in India, it was a pleasure interacting with various players in this space. I look forward to write more stories on community radio stations, some of their works and campaigns if any.


Lastly, it has been great to receive feedback from industry players and readers, which helps me dish up a better read every day. Keep it coming, please!



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