Ritika Misra: Group Manager – Mudra Max

15 Sep,2012

(Experience: 4 years)


“5 ft tall, 28 years old pseudo-Punjabi who has been brought up in almost every city in India”, is how Ritika Misra responds to the question about her upbringing. Infact when people ask her where she’s from, she usually sticks to “I’m from Bangalore”, and leaves it at that. In reality, Misra is a Punjabi who was raised in Palakkad, Goa, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Cochin and now finally has found home in Bangalore.


Avers Misra: “To say that my life has been a travel journal of sorts would be an understatement, but during the journey I’ve met a lot interesting people and seen a lot of beautiful places. Maybe this journey from place to place is what moulded me as a person and made me what I am. Having supportive parents who shifted to Bangalore for me is also an added bonus and I don’t think I need to say that family was and will always be my first priority in life.”


But while she enjoys her stint at her current company, Misra has a rather interesting tale to tell about her love of numbers. Sharing her experience she says, “I have had an aversion to numbers, maths and statistics from time immemorial and so it was quite a shocker to myself when I decided to make a career in research and then in media. But the mere fact that I have survived this long is proof enough for me to realize that numbers love me!”


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