PIX goes all out for Tintin premiere

14 Sep,2012

By Meghna Sharma


With numerous English movie channels trying their best to catch as many eyeballs as possible, merely showing the best and the latest movies won’t fulfil the agenda.


Sony Pix which will showcase Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn on the 16th of this month is going all out to make sure the audiences don’t miss out on the opportunity. The channel has planned a 360 degree – marketing and advertising – campaign around it.


Speaking about the importance of a 360 degree campaign, Himmat Butalia, marketing head of the channel says, “In today’s day and age message ‘muddling’ can often prove to be a challenge for marketers. There are many similarities between rival brands and even channels, which can often lead to confusion in the minds of consumers. Our endeavour has always been to create a clear distinction between us and competition through interesting and unique touch points. A 360 degree campaign aids in escalating a campaign’s scale and spreading one message through many mediums such as print, television, radio, outdoor, BTL, on ground activation or digital.”


The channel is using a number of mediums to create the right balance for the campaign around the film. It will focus not only on quantity but also quality of messages through the mediums like print, digital, television, radio, BTL or OOH. The outdoor creatives have been kept simple with key messages such as adventure, courage & mystery to connect with the audiences. Apart from hoardings, bus panels & bus shelters in key markets and Metro Station branding in Delhi. In terms of Below The Line activations, the channel has tied up with major malls as well as upped their presence in retail stores such as Spencers and Crossword across the country.


In addition to this, Pix has also initiated two unique on ground activities for this film – Comic Con 2012 in Bangalore & an inter-college treasure hunt in tune with the theme of the film. “Comic Con has been a great success in directly creating touch points with fans of TINTIN as well as young movie buffs. The inter college treasure hunt held in Mumbai with over a dozen colleges participating. This initiative is a first of its kind in not just connecting with younger audiences but also in creating an extension of the premise of The Adventures of Tintin – The Secret of the Unicorn,” explains Mr Butalia.


The digital space is also being utilized by the channel – through various social media engagements like Tintin games and advertising on sites like Yahoo, Google, YouTube. The channel believes that the new media is clearly the most potent weapon in every marketer’s arsenal today. “We recognized the scope of the digital space a couple of years back. And since then our digital presence and social media groups have grown by leaps and bounds. India has witnessed a significant traction towards social networking in the past to start conversations but today it has also become as significant tool for people to run their businesses. Unlike other mediums the digital space requires minimal investment. The number of connections and viewers reached through the online medium is the highest compared to all mediums since you can reach millions of people through one single post or advertisement. Another important attribute of using this medium is its quick turnover time. Websites and social media has minimized time lapse between a brand’s communication and its consumer’s response. At the moment, I would place digital mediums right on top of the marketing pecking order,” adds Mr Butalia.


According to Mr Butalia, in his career so far, he has learnt one major lesson through various marketing activities – power of simplicity. “It’s something I learnt, that a simple yet effective touch point can do wonders for a brand.”


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