Peter Mukerjea: Where have the last 12 months gone?

10 Sep,2012

By Peter Mukerjea


When I was asked to write a piece on the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of MxM, my first thought was – Wow! – is a year already since launch? Clearly it must be and I began to wonder how quickly the year has gone by and how I first got roped in to write for MxM.


Pradyuman called me and asked me. Simple. I was a little unsure because I had already turned down a few other media website owners, who happen to be friends, but with MxM, I was happy that it was a real honest-to-God startup. The honesty with which Pradyuman approached me was quite endearing but it is what I really liked and was moved by.


He said, “Peter, I’d like you write for us, but to be perfectly honest, I can’t pay you anything as we are short of funds right now as we’re a start up but once we stabilise and I get some investors on board, I will. I can’t say when that will be, but, hopefully that will be soon.”


I found that really rather touching and have enjoyed writing my columns very much, every time.  I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s too and particularly enjoy Anil Thakraney’s candidness ( Ialways have ) and also Ranjona’s column. Seeing my friend and ex-colleague Paritosh Joshi’s regular columns too have been a source of inspiration as I’ve always believed that he’s one of the sharper knives in the drawer, when it comes to media matters in India and it’s good to see him writing for MxM.


It’s been wonderful to see industry leaders like Shashi Sinha, Vikram Sakhuja and so on writing for MxM as that is real inspiration for many young people in the industry. To the young, when they read what these ‘big guys’ have to say they take cognisance of their words of wisdom and point of view as many of them will aspire to be like them.


With MxM, I was happy that it was a real honest-to-God startup. The honesty with which I was approached was quite endearing but it is what I really liked and was moved by.

Further, I’m always reminded of Pradyuman’s initial approach to me and each time I read the latest upload from MxM, I feel happy that I decided to write and continue to do so, because it’s good to see new entrepreneurs get up and get going and I will always try and help in whatever way I can to get them on the road to success. It’s a different kind of success when you’re doing well in a large company, or if you’ve inherited something, but quite a different matter when you’re on your own and I can tell you from experience – I know that feeling well.


Needless to say, I send my column to all my friends and ask them for their comments. I take this opportunity to thank all those who have taken the time and made the effort to make their comments.


Good, Bad or Ugly – they all count and through that I hope that it helps to make, not only my column, but the entire website more engaging for those that reader it.


Several friends have said to me that maybe I should find a platform that has a larger reach and perhaps more profiled, so as to get my views out there to a wider audience. I did give thought to that but have decided against that as I hope that MxM does make the cut and comes through as being a credible source of independent thinking and comment on media related matters. Also, that one day, Pradyuman realises his dream and finds investors for his website, so he can then, one day, send me a cheque. But, actually, it’s rather nice not to get paid – I have the freedom to say what I feel like. Maybe that will change if I start getting paid for what I write.


So to MxM – good luck for the future and I wish you every possible success. And for the readers – keep coming back for more and please send your comments if you think something’s not right or could be made better.


So, now to the next 12 months !


Peter Mukerjea, former CEO of Star India, writes ‘Media Mullings’ from England where he is now anchored.


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