People come to Zoom for their daily dose of Bollywood: Avinash Kaul

18 Sep,2012

Avinash Kaul

By A Correspondent


“It’s been Zoombastic!” is how Avinash Kaul, Chief Executive Officer – ET Now, Times Now and Zoom describes the eight years of the Bollywood channel Zoom’s existence. The channel which was launched in 2004 is celebrating its eighth anniversary with a line-up of special programming spread across eight days, Zoom marks this milestone with the special theme Celebr8.


The channel takes pride at at being in the forefront of delivering the best in Bollywood – entertainment, news, lifestyle and glamour to the viewers. “Success spawns imitators, and imitation is the best form of flattery! So while a number of other channels have launched trying to replicate the Zoom model, and some of them have even shut shop since, Zoom’s leadership in the genre has remained unchallenged. There are 3 reasons behind Zoom’s continued leadership – Access, Acumen and Audience,” says Mr Kaul about the recent launches of various other Bollywood channels.


Over the years, the channel claims to have a built a deep understanding of its core viewer – the youth. “Our actions and plans are guided by this understanding and it is borne out in our product and in the brand experience. Youth is a very dynamic target group – in some ways one of the most difficult audiences and at the same time the most exciting. Bollywood has been and will continue to be a strong passion for many generations of youngsters over the years. However, with each generation of youth the relationship they share with Bollywood and the influence it yields on them keeps evolving. Zoom has it’s finger on this ever evolving pulse and when we keep the focus sharply on our audience we are able to create relevant, impactful and engaging experiences for our viewers and these in turn are great platforms for our customers – the advertisers,” explains Mr Kaul.


Speaking on its future plans, Mr Kauls adds, “The youth space is exploding with a large number of marketers looking to target this highly brand-conscious segment that has an increasingly higher income and disposition to spend. Bollywood has an omnipresent influence on almost all aspects of the youth’s lifestyle. So Zoom as a brand that caters to the youth and is their most preferred Bollywood destination is poised for some very exciting times. Our focus going forward is to leverage the strengths we have – as a youth platform, as a content creator, as a broadcaster and as a part of a multi-platform media conglomerate – to partner with marketers and deliver engagement solutions for their brands. Using the philosophy of co-created contextual conversations, rather than plainly plugging a brand into a show, we develop a holistic association between brand and content. With a seamless connect between the brand message and engaging content, and the amplification of that enhanced proposition across multiple media, Zoom is able to deliver a holistic and really impactful communication solution for the marketer.”


Meanwhile, Zoom has holistically embraced social media and digital platforms. With over 67 crore views it is the biggest media brand in Asia on Youtube – a reflection of the global appetite for Bollywood. Over 21 lakh fans on its Facebook page, nearly 5 lakh fans on Google+, close to 70 thousand followers on Twitter and growing influence on newer Social Media platforms like Socialcam, Tumblr and Pintrest. “Zoom is where the world comes to for their daily dose of Bollywood,” boasts Mr Kaul.


Marking the special occasion, Zoom has planned various features like worldwide premiere of 8 exclusive songs, 8 different themes expressed through songs on the Zoom Barbar Jhoom, a special feature series 8-a-thon! will showcase eight spectacular debuts, biggest blockbusters, superstars, controversies, fashion statements, on-screen couples and the hottest on-screen appearances in the past 8 years.


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