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11 Sep,2012

This Day, Last Year

From the MxMIndia Archives


Shashi Sinha will be Big Boss at Ad Club Bombay 09/shashi-sinha-will-be-big-boss-at-ad-club -bombay-2/


September 11 was a Sunday and hence there was no edition that day. This was our Big Story on Day 1… September 9. The exclusive we had was on Shashi Sinha set to take charge as President of Ad Club Bombay from the long-standing Prez Bhaskar Das. Mr Sinha gave us some indicators of what he was planning to do. There were other stories and interviews too. Like this one on what Ad Asia was going to be: /09/adasia-2011-a-new-benchmark-in-the-making/


CoverScan India

Hot covers sell, and that’s a fact. Sometimes magazines need to dare as well as bare, and the result shows in readership spikes. The latest issues of IT mag ‘Digit’ and general interest mag ‘India Today’ have focused the spotlight on gripping issues, and a picture sure does speak a thousand words in these cases. Check these out in our weekly CoverScan India



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Tributes and tears for Verghese Kurien…Forbes India called him India’s White Knight /special/v-kurien-indias-white- knight /33719/1




Tributes to the creator of Amul were aplenty; we particularly liked this one

and this one –

(Photos: The Unreal Times and POSTERtainment.)

Joke Of The Day

Two advertising executives met for lunch. The younger one asked the older one, “How’s Prakash? Haven’t seen him around lately.”


“Haven’t you heard?” said the older one. “He fell seriously ill and last week he left for the Great Ad Agency in the sky.”


“My, God!” exclaimed the younger guy. “What did he have?”


“Nothing much – a small toothpaste account, a couple of retail outlet stores, nothing worth going after.”


Tweet Of The Day

On cartoonist Aseem Trivedi’s arrest on charges of sedition, MiD-Day editor Sachin Kalbag ‏@SachinKalbag tweeted, “Banana Republic is not just a clothing chain. We live in one.”


Must-Read of the Day

A rather moving account of how the fatwa following The Satanic Verses changed Salman Rushdie’s life. Sample this: “He realized, in that footstep-haunted space, that he no longer understood his life, or what it might become, and he thought, for the second time that day, that there might not be very much more of life to understand.” 2012/09/17/120917 fa_fact_rushdie


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