MxM Buzzer # 9 | Quiz on Media Innovation

14 Sep,2012

Welcome to the Ninth edition of MxMIndia’s media quiz – MxM Buzzer, that happens every Friday.

Our quizmaster is Sorbojeet Chatterjee, Vice President – Marketing at Neo Sports. We’ve done away with the contest for a bit, but will be back with an attractive one soon. Meanwhile, do please attempt our quiz. Answers will appear next week.

 Vodafone made quite a stir when they created a roadblock on a television network to announce the identity change from Hutch to Vodafone? Which network?
 Recently a brand tried to create “buzz” with a newspaper innovation that claimed to make you shiver. Identify the brand?
 The ad film for which brand (created by Taproot) won a Gold lion in Cannes this year?
 A few months back, Mountain Dew introduced a new flavour called ‘Dark Berry’ in certain international markets. This was done to promote which movie
 Another one on Roadblocks, which was the first brand to create a roadblock on Indian television?
 As part of a movie promotion stunt, UTV depicted the broad theme of the film by putting up a bag with over 3 lakhs cash on a hoarding. Which movie?
 What was the name of the popular music based television program for which Bacardi won a Bronze lion at Cannes for Best Branded Content and Entertainment?
 Which financial services brand partnered Linkedin and sent branded congratulatory messages to senior management professionals when they got promoted or changed jobs?
 As part of an innovative campaign for a TV show on Colors, a tabloid was turned into a broadsheet to depict the scale of the program. Identify the show?
 As part of a re-launch campaign for a popular Indian brand, ad agency Everest created a high decibel teaser campaign centered on a character called Digen Verma? Unfortunately the campaign delivered little for the brand. Identify the brand?

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