MxM Buzzer # 10 | Quiz on WPP

21 Sep,2012

Welcome to the Tenth edition of MxMIndia’s media quiz – MxM Buzzer, that happens every Friday.

Our quizmaster is Sorbojeet Chatterjee, Vice President – Marketing at DNA. We’ve done away with the contest for a bit, but will be back with an attractive one soon. Meanwhile, do please attempt our quiz. Answers will appear next week.

 A sitter to begin with… identify this WPP company CEO in India who has been recently elevated to a global CEO?
 Identify this gentleman. Another veteran CEO of a WPP company in India who has recently been elevated to as CEO of South Asia?
 What does WPP stand for?
 In 2006, Sir Martin Sorell referred to WPP’s relationship with a global giant by using the term ‘frenemy’. Identify the company?
 During his stint in a particular agency, Sir Martin Sorell was often referred to as the ‘third brother’. Which agency?
 Name the event agency started by Roshan Abbas and eventually acquired by WPP?
 A creative powerhouse was launched in 1948 in Manhattan as “Hewitt, _______, Bensen & _______”. WPP acquired this agency in 1989. Fill in the blanks
 Which company was formed by WPP in 1995 as the parent company for the group’s research interest? (Hint – recently in the news, thanks to NDTV’s law suit)
 In which Indian digital entertainment company did JWT pick up a 51% stake?
 Equus Advertising was started by 2 brothers in India and WPP picked up a 30% stake in 1996. Identify the brothers?


Answers to last week’s Quiz (MxM Buzzer # 9):

1. Star Network, 2. Volkswagen, 3. Bru Gold, 4. Dark Knight Rises, 5. Real Value Vacuumizer, 6. Paan Singh Tomar, 7. The Dewarists, 8. American Express, 9. Ring Ka King, 10. Frooti


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