Johnson Napier: Daring to dream

10 Sep,2012

By Johnson Napier


“When we dream alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality.” This may well have been the maxim that may have inspired the founders/owners when they initially dreamt about floating a media dotcom venture more than a year ago. While it would be immature to speculate on what must have been going on in their minds at that point, it would only be fair to say that this maxim is the reality which has steered the MxMIndia team ever since it took off.


Though it has turned a year old now, MxMIndia’s story is one that could easily be referenced by aspirers or businessmen as a model to go by when launching a venture of a similar kind in future. Clearly the space was crowded when MxMIndia set foot into the market, and there was a whole bunch of naysayers who wondered whether the project would be as exciting and encompassing as the others in the space. But all those questions have taken a backseat now as we stand head and shoulders next to the best in the space. If not by way of reach, at least in popularity terms, one can be rest assured that our stories, our approach and our refusal to take the road much travelled is what is making us stand apart from the crowd. Much of the credit for this showing could be attributed to the editor-in-chief & CEO of the firm, Pradyuman Maheshwari, who is still as aggressively involved with the day-to-day stories and going-ons as he was when the project first took off.


The excitement of doing something new and out-of-the-box every day is what keeps one going even further.

Personally, though my journey with MxMIndia began in November 2011, the course still looks as refreshing as ever. The excitement of doing something new and out-of-the-box every day is what keeps one going even further. A few examples that come to mind about stories that had a unique sense of distinction in them include the shutting down of Imagine TV, NDTV-TAM issue, Dentsu’s takeover of Aegis & Taproot, Vikram Sakhuja being elected global CEO of Maxus, etc. These were stories that aroused participation and opinion from industry folks in a big way as they were presented in a manner that is unseen or un-attempted by contemporaries in the space. The media forecast booklet that we did in participation with Mindshare, the Hinterland supplement with BIG CBS…and other supplements that keep coming out from time to time, have been widely accepted by one and all from the industry.


But enough of the adulation, time to move on to something that’s fundamental to our existence today. And that’s the support and trust that has been reposed in us, time and again, by our well-wishers and individuals from the industry, without whom we wouldn’t be standing where we are. Their encouragement, whether through their columns, their quotes, or simply by sharing their feedback, has enabled us to keep treading a path that most wouldn’t dare taking. We assure you that it is something we will carry on doing without any hesitation and fear. After all it is something that we pride ourselves on, day in and day out.


While a beginning has just been made, hope to see MxMIndia achieve many more milestones and celebrate umpteen more anniversaries!


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