Jaldi 5 with Supriyo Sinha, VP – Bengali Dailies, ABP

21 Sep,2012

Supriyo Sinha

Ebela, the tabloid from Anandabazar Patrika Group, recently launched in Kolkata and Howrah, priced at Rs 2. Supriyo Sinha is positively hopeful about its success. Jaldi 5 with him reveals more about the Bengal market.


1. Since ABP is the undisputed Bengali daily in the market, why was there a need to launch another Bengali daily?

ABP is the most iconic group in Eastern part of India. The group has been in the market for almost a century. ABP is, by far, the leading newspaper. A Bengali tabloid is a historic milestone for us. We launched Ebela to address the certain need gap that arose from communicating with Bengali youth, and the Bengali young-at-heart.


2. Why has the launch been restricted to only in Kolkata and Howrah? How is ABP marketing Ebela?

We launched in these markets based on market research. The research estimated that the appetite for a tabloid is higher in Kolkata and neighboring regions. The other markets are still traditional when it comes to news consumption and believe in broadsheet.to market the product, we are using a four-pronged approach. We are out-of-home media in a big way to spread awareness. Then there is web promotion to capture the youth on Facebook and Youtube, Television and radio commercials created by Ogilvy, and on-ground events. We are also driving subscription promotions.


3. Is the advertiser profile for ABP and Ebela the same?

Yes and no. National brands who wish to target the young-at-heart and local brands with youth as TG have been approaching Ebela. The ad rates for both the products is different.


4. TOI is entering the market with Eyi Shomoy. Would it imply any strategy shifts for ABP?

No. There is a core market reason for us to be doing this. TOI has been changing its own marketing and communication strategy in this market because of our strong presence.


5. What are your expectations from Ebela?

I dare not speak for the market but I am hoping for a positive response. From the initial print of three lakh copies, we only wish to grow. The readers, and advertisers, are calling it a refreshing and exciting product.


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