Jaldi 5 with Harit Nagpal: Ensure those not following digitization rules are disadvantaged

28 Sep,2012

In our run-up to the digitization deadline, we have already interviewed the heads of the organizations representing the local cable operators and the Multiple System Operators (MSOs) and the head of bouquet of channels. The Jaldi 5 interview today was with Harit Nagpal, CEO, Tata Sky. The interview was done via email, and all the responses are rather short but guess they capture what the head of a DTH company would want to say…


01 We have a little over a month to go for digitization in the four metros. If the government estimates of last week were to be believed, by now over 70 per cent of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai would be digitized. Is that the case?



02 Are the lower income groups in these cities buying set-top boxes?



03 There is a worry that there will be some piracy in the form of pilferage of signals after November 1.

This worry does not have a basis.


04 What more would you like the government/others to do to ensure 100 percent digitization?

Just keep the pressure on all stakeholders as they have done in the last couple of months and ensure that the ones not following the rule are singled out and disadvantaged.


05 The last mile which is managed by the local cable operators is the key to the implementation of Digitization. Are all cable operators working step-in-step with MSOs in the four metros about the implementation of the October 31 deadline?

Digitization is now a law and anyone not abiding by it is working against the law.


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