Radio stations (except AIR & BIG FM) can’t commercially exploit T20 World Cup: ICC

12 Sep,2012

By A Correspondent


Radio stations and brands planning to commercially exploit the T20 World Cup that starts in Sri Lanka next week (Sept 18-Oct 7) need to beware.


According to an official communication sent by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to the Association of Radio Operators for India, the exclusive rights holders for radio/audio stream services across all mediums, including the internet in India are BIG FM and All India Radio (AIR).


The biggest rider is that “member agencies (of Association of Radio Operators) may not undertake any unlicensed commercial exploitation or selective commercialization of ICC Proprietary Content through third party sponsorship and presentation of the same”.


A point in the statement reads, “Other than International Management Group (IMG) and its licensees, BIG FM and AIR, no entity operating or making available radio/audio stream services is entitled to use ICC Names, ICC Marks and ICC Proprietary Content, claim official association or commercially associate in any other way, either expressly or impliedly, including through marketing promotions, contests, advertising, score updates or other commercial activity (including by monetizing any of the ICC Proprietary Content), with the ICC or the ICC World Twenty20 Sri Lanka 2012.’


It further states, ‘Should your member agencies fail to adhere to the above, the ICC will engage with them to bring to their attention the permissible parameters of activity and work with them to resolve the matter. However, should such activities persist, your member agencies will be deemed to have knowingly breached the exclusive rights granted by the ICC to IMG and its licensees, BIG FM and AIR, and the ICC will have no other option but to initiate further action, including legal recourse.’


Lauding the initiative, Tarun Katial, CEO, Reliance Broadcast Network said, “In an extremely encouraging move, ICC has decided to come down on anyone misusing content to offer packages to advertisers. As radio partners, we look forward to offer consumers the best possible entertainment package with exclusive and highly engaging content, while offering marketers an approved and ethical platform by which they can reach out to their audiences.”


Strict action against channels which do not adhere to the stipulations laid down by the governing body will be taken this year.


A source close to the development said that the ICC diktat doesn’t mind score updates interspersed in the programming, but radio stations can’t get these get sponsored.


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