Personally Speaking | How I Unwind: Viral Pandya

28 Sep,2012

Viral Pandya

By Viral Pandya


How do I unwind? Well, I have a little different take on that. I’d say I am always unwinding. With my work, without it, before it, after it – relishing every moment.


Still, here are a few things that I do to wind down.


Work/play: As I said earlier, work for me is the best form of rejuvenation. Every new brief or challenge allows me to play with myself. It titillates me, arouses different emotions, and brings out a million hues onto my mind’s canvas.


Kidding around with my kid: I surrender myself completely to the little brat of mine. It is almost impossible to catch up to him. Instead, I sit on the pillion and let him take me on a whirlwind ride. I love to see the world through his eyes, where nothing is ordinary, and everything is surreal.


Time with my team:  I love to work with my team. And even more so, when we don’t.  To have nice little interactions, to joke around with each other, and to fight when needed – all these things transform work pressure into pleasure. Truly, we all are family, and the workplace is an everyday picnic spot.


Observe and absorb: Well, I can sit idle for hours just to observe things around me. For me, it works as a fuel. The madness in the streets, the stillness in the garden, the little birdie at the windowpane… Seriously, what can be more relaxing and energizing than absorbing from nature?


Mingle with Single Malt: It’s one love affair that always keeps my spirits high. For me, a perfect end to a day begins with golden water poured onto ice rocks. Smooth rapture, indeed!


Become Unwindofix: I am crazy about Asterix comics, too. Not only are they fun, and a delight to read, they also remind me that we are the free-spirited Gauls up against the mighty Roman Empire. Only, in our case the magic potion is passion.


As part of MxM  Weekend’s ‘Getting Personal’ series, we bring you first person accounts by senior industrypersons on how they unwind. ‘How I Unwind’ appears on the fourth Friday of every month


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