First Person Team accounts by: Alok Kapuria, Tuhina Anand, Vidya Heble, Johnson Napier, Shruti Pushkarna, Ananya Saha, Meghna Sharma, Akash Raha, Robin Thomas, Shubhangi Mehta, Insiyah Rangwala, Rafiq Barak & Kishor Kate

10 Sep,2012

While some of those who were part of our founding team have moved on, we value their contribution in helping MxMIndia attain the success that it has.  Presenting Team MxM accounts on ‘The Year That Was’:


Alok Kapuria: A superb innings

We have been able to achieve what we aspired to, and that is gaining editorial trust and respect from everyone from the industry. All one needs is clarity of thought. I feel proud to say that we at MxMIndia have managed to keep our environment clutter- and confusion-free.


Tuhina Anand: Giving something more… &more!

MxMIndia has always been about pushing boundaries, it’s about giving an edge to our coverage, knowing that when people will read the same stories on different media the next day, they will realize that we have gone that extra mile to give our readers something more meaningful.


Vidya Heble: A year of living excitingly

Getting the story, ensuring it is accurate, telling it well… we do it all in a sort of measured frenzy, and though we have moments when we think we’re going to fall short, it somehow all comes together


Johnson Napier: Daring to dream

Though it has turned a year old now, MxMIndia’s story is one that could easily be referenced by aspirers or businessmen as a model to go by when launching a venture of a similar kind in future.


Shruti Pushkarna: A year of learning happily

When I look back now, I can say I got a chance to do a lot of other stuff that I wouldn’t have done in my conventional role as a TV producer. But back then, the first time I was writing and reporting a story, the idea seemed ridiculous!


Ananya Saha: Short but sweet

I have not been a part of this journey for long, but it looks promising. It has been a good month chasing crazy stories, always-tied-up in-meeting people, and just-do-or-die deadlines.


Meghna Sharma: Happy to be here

We are small team; some work from home; but somehow, the office never feels empty. We discuss work, industry trends and ideas. And of course, have our share of fun too. Who doesn’t love a little office gossip?.


Akash Raha: Being different

What makes me proud is when I see a media house reports fearlessly on issues. There are obvious disadvantages of doing that. Losing friends in the industry is one, and if I may, even losing an advertiser.


Robin Thomas: The journey has just begun

Despite the tough competition in the market, brand MxM has already created positive vibes, not just among the media industry but also with advertisers and agencies.


Shubhangi Mehta: MxM’emoirs: An experimental voyage

The admirable element of working with MxMIndia has been that whether one is a beginner looking to express one’s own voice or someone experienced looking for inspiration, there has been room for it all.


Insiyah Rangwala: Breaking through the comfort zone

MxM for me personally has been a great experience. It has been a fantastic stepping stone in the media field, as well as just a great place to start one’s working life.


Rafiq Barak: Getting the picture

Of all the tasks, the one that is the most challenging but also fruitful for me is preparing imagery for the Big Story.


Kishor Kate: High on feel-good factor

One of the best things about working with MxMIndia is the fact that I am constantly learning new things, and the exposure it offers me to various multinational companies and big media houses, many that I have only heard about.

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