Fevicol Marine: the bond that remains even in water

21 Sep,2012

By Tuhina Anand


Looking at the success of Fevicol Marine, Pidilite Industries is pulling out all stops to position the product in the mainline category. The product has seen tremendous success and the demand has seen a rise post its first campaign two years ago. The company sensing an opportunity is looking to make a big leap forward. Fevicol Marine is a variant adhesive that can be used in moist and damp condition and protects furniture from de-bonding even when exposed to water.


Its earlier TVC borrowed from the iconic Fevicol advertising featuring the Dum Laga Ke Haisha tag and focused on bringing out the functional aspect of the product. Now the TVC aims to push the product into the mainline, especially seeing that its growth has been 3 to 4 times the category growth. The latest ad keeps in line with Fevicol’s communication tone and humour and reinforces the promise of a strong bond that Fevicol Marine provides, even in water.


Anil Jayaraj

Anil Jayaraj, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries said, “Fevicol Marine has progressed immensely and hold huge potential. While the first commercial talked of the functional value, we want now to match the tone and tenor with the Fevicol ads that are humorous and interesting t watch while conveying the core value of the product.”


The TV campaign will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign. There are outdoors, POS and increased visibility at trade outlets besides a number of activation has already been initiated with carpenter programs conveying the core message of the adhesive being able to hold its bond even in wet or most conditions.


Talking about the agency Ogilvy, that has created the campaign, Mr Jayaraj, said, “We share a unique relation with Ogilvy where we co-create the brief and that has been responsible for the success of these ads. The idea in this campaign like our other campaigns has been to make the communication interesting and at the end of it should bring a smile on the faces of people watching it.”


Commenting on the concept, Piyush Pandey, executive chairperson and creative director, Ogilvy & Mather- South Asia says, “Keeping in mind the tone and manner that Fevicol has had for the last 20 years, the Fevicol Marine ad captures the spirit of India, borrows from India and therefore becomes a part of the fabric of India like all Fevicol ads have been.”


The ad will be aired across key markets including entire Hindi speaking belt and supported by regional channels in South India, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Gujarat for 4-5 weeks period starting mid-September, 2012.


The TVC features a boatman, somewhere in the rural hinterland. His boat is filled to capacity with wooden chairs. As he rows through the serene waters, an old man waves out to him, almost as if he wants to hitch a ride. Since there’s no room on the boat, the boatman subtly gestures to the old man that he can’t take him on board. Just then the old man clarifies that it’s not him who wants a ride but his young daughter. The boatman suddenly stops the boat.


When he sees the beautiful daughter, he decides to offer her a ride at any cost. He kicks a stack of chairs into the water and makes room for her. The girl quickly points out towards her goat. So the boatman throws more chairs into the water. Once again the girl points out towards a huge hay stack. Soon all chairs are kicked out of the boat. And the boatman happily continues his journey, ferrying the girl, her goat as well as the hay stack. And he hasn’t gotten rid of his chairs either. He’s tied them to the boat with a rope, unperturbed by the fact that the wooden furniture is submerged in water. The film ends with a VO which brings forth the brand promise: “Fevicol Marine. Wohi mazboot jod, paani mein bhi.”


Mr Jayaraj, summing up the reason for Fevicol ads being such a success, said, “I think its because we have been consistent in our communication, we have through our communication maintained that Fevicol is the ultimate adhesive available and have been creating communication that has been interesting as well as informative.”


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