Decoding Communication launched by TRA Publishing

11 Sep,2012

By A Correspondent


Communication is a universal remedy. It helps bridge relationships, sustain knowledge and also makes chance more predictable. Communication builds a nourishing environment for organisations, brands and individuals to grow. In today’s environment of information overload, it is imperative that anyone interested in understanding, influencing and managing communication, has full knowledge of the subject and Decoding Communication is a book that helps in deciphering this complex subject through its fluid and anecdotal writing.


Sam Balsara, Chairman and Managing Director of the Madison Group, says about the book, “Decoding Communications is an excellent read for both students and practitioners of communication. It helps provide a conceptual framework to better understand what we do intuitively and why it works and sometimes doesn’t. Chandramouli needs to be complimented on coming up with this alongside running two successful companies. The purpose of all business is to create ‘Trust’ and if it succeeds in doing that, business succeeds.”


Author N Chandramouli is the CEO of the Comniscient Group which has interests in several communication businesses. He has been a communication consultant to several global companies that include brands like DHL, Henkel, Botox, D&B and J&J. He lectures in several communication colleges and is also the author of The Brand Trust Report, India Study (2011 and 2012), and Decoding Communication. More information is available at


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