Debrief: Mahindra Scooters: Lethal execution!

27 Sep,2012

By Anil Thakraney


This one is a good example of how a sensible strategy can get damaged by a thoughtless creative.


Mahindra doesn’t seem to have much to say about their scooters per se, and that’s fine. All that can be boasted about in this category has been overdone already. Which is why they want to reassure potential customers that their scooters carry the Mahindra legacy of making powerful machines. And to communicate that the same expertise goes into manufacturing scooters.


In the TVC, a chap is seen riding his Mahindra scooter on a country road. Suddenly, and to his great horror, in the rear view mirror he spots huge, menacing, Mahindra SUVs zooming in dangerously close to him. But when he turns his head to check, he spots nothing. This is Mahindra’s way of selling legacy.


I have a problem with this treatment, and no, am not being an angsty, party-pooping uncle, usually I’m all for edgy work. SUV drivers threatening a two-wheeler rider on country roads is a common occurrence in India, and it’s a highly dangerous situation, one that often ends in calamity. Which is why this particular treatment leaves you with a bad feeling. Also, an alarmed scooter rider turning his head to look back, while moving at top speed, is not something you want to see. This is what is called reckless riding. All in all, it’s an execution that makes you fearful rather than informed.


[youtube width=”400″ height=”220″][/youtube]

I think it would be harsh to term this as irresponsible advertising. But Mahindra’s ad comes pretty close to it. Surely there are more pleasant, attractive ways to demonstrate legacy.


Rating: (On a scale of 1-5): 1. Treatment cues danger rather than reassurance


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One response to “Debrief: Mahindra Scooters: Lethal execution!”

  1. Subbu M says:

    hey, . I think we do some creative work here which is worth appreciating. Considering your some other posts on the TVCs, you seem to be very critical of the ads in India. I think the mahindra TVC is a well thought out strategy to push the 2 wheelers segment on the trust created in the market by 4 wheelers. considering the competition in the sector, it is a good campaign to push the new products on the back of old established products. good one from mahindra. Also the locale chosen for the shooting is sceneic and catches attention. the focus has been the scooter and trust which is good.

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