By Invitation: Peter Mukerjea, Jaisurya Das, Sundeep Nagpal, Deepa Gahlot, Paritosh Joshi, Shailesh Kapoor & Sorbojeet Chatterjee

10 Sep,2012

Our galaxy of weekly and other regular columnists and contributors to write and/or reminisce:


Peter Mukerjea: Where have the last 12 months gone?

With MxM, I was happy that it was a real honest-to-God startup. The honesty with which I was approached was quite endearing but it is what I really liked and was moved by.


Jaisurya Das: Way to go…

‘Dear MxM’ – our little column has connected with students, professionals and media aspirants week after week.


Sundeep Nagpal: Striking that delicate balance

The composure with which MxM has gone about its business in the last one year has only been a reminder that in the ultimate analysis, the aspect that matters most in any race is how it’s run!


Deepa Gahlot: Critiquing the critics

Reviewing The Reviews gave me a chance to examine a cross-section of critical responses to a film and see if there was any consensus.


Paritosh Joshi: From the far side

The start-up has revealed the opportunity that lay at the ‘x’ roads of ‘m’edia and ‘m’arketing. ‘Obvious’, did I hear someone say? Great ideas always are, in retrospect.


Shailesh Kapoor: An interesting, satisfying challenge

There are many things to write about, but with most broadcasters as clients, one needs to strike a fine balance. With time, I may upset a few people. But stating facts the way they are should remain paramount.


Sorbojeet Chatterjee: Emerging super successful

I sincerely hope this weekly quiz is doing its bit of spreading some useful media ‘gyaan’ (and increasing the page views of Google!).


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