Buzzer # 7 – Answers and Winners

07 Sep,2012



Answers to Buzzer # 7 – Special on Taproot – Dentsu

1. JWT (Aggie) and Leo Burnett (Paddy)
2. Last Minute Inventory
3. Mumbai Mirror
4. Sandeep Goyal
5. Lodestar UM
6. Aegis
7. Jang Group
8. Food Food
9. Sony (for ICC events in 2006 – 2007 and IPL)
10. Climbing Mt Fuji


There is no First Prize this week as we received no all-correct entry. However, instead of one Second Prize, we are happy to award three Second Prizes – all of who have won prizes in the past (in alphabetical order of their first names)- Anil Sathiraju (DDB Mudra), Himanshu Agarwal (Infosys) and Natasha Dhingra (Aidem). Winners will be informed by mail on how the prizes will reach them.



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2 responses to “Buzzer # 7 – Answers and Winners”

  1. Himanshu says:

    I could not see Buzzer#8 on this website today (07 Sep 2012). Is the quiz discontinued?

    • mxmadmin says:

      hi, Buzzer #8 is the KBC Quiz… the quiz is not being discontinued, though the contest is for the moment. Link to Buzzer #7 answers and winners is at the end of the KBC Quiz. Thanks