Big FM storytelling show to get more innovative

06 Sep,2012

Neelesh Mishra

By A Correspondent


Big FM launched the season two of ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Mishra’ in July 2012, following the success of season one last year. The storytelling show airs Monday to Friday 9pm to 11pm on Big FM. Interestingly, the duration of the show has been increased from one hour in season one, previous year to two hours in season two. The aim of the show is said to revive the conventional form of storytelling in India.


Currently, ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Mishra’ is aired in 35 Hindi speaking markets, including Hyderabad. However Big FM is said to soon adapt the show into regional languages too i.e. the remaining Big FM markets, mainly the non-Hindi markets namely Kannada, Tamil and so on. Besides its activities on- air, the show also has a Facebook page which is said to have received over 6.4 million page views. There is also an official YouTube channel wherein audiences across the globe could listen to the show. In addition to this, with an aim to further engage and interact with the audience, Big FM plans to soon start live shows and events in its second edition. The details of the event were not available at the time of filing the report.


“Initially people thought that this format won’t work on radio in today’s multimedia era and that too on prime-time but, this show and radio as a medium broke all myths about radio being a fickle minded medium. It also revealed that there are listeners who tune in for innovative and diverse contents besides just Bollywood content,” said lyricist Neelesh Mishra.


A lot of young listeners, particularly those between 13 and 24 years of average age group are said to tune in daily. 70 per cent of the listeners are said to be males. Mishra further added, “The response in both season one and season two have been phenomenal. The overwhelming response from the listeners and the fact that they were able to recollect various stories, narrations and the messages also reveals the fact that radio is such a personal and a powerful medium.”


At a time when FM radio is dominated by music, particularly ‘filmy’ music content and that too in the multi-media era, does a storytelling show on Big FM reaffirm the fact that there is a non-music market in India and how can radio be made more compelling today? According to Mishra, there is a big market for contents like radio plays and storytelling. “I believe that the space and the need for innovative and non-music content has never been as acute as it is today. Radio I believe cannot survive on Bollywood alone. I also believe that the medium has misread the listeners as there is a hunger among the listeners for new and innovative content which the medium has not been able to address. The success of this show on Big has however reaffirmed the fact that there is more scope for innovative content today.”


Besides the metros which is said to be the biggest listenership for the show, Kota, Indore, and Srinagar etc are some of the other markets where the show has been highly popular with the listeners.


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