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14 Sep,2012



What’s the best way to celebrate print advertising? Print the best of them, and celebrate. Recently, the Dainik Bhaskar group made one such effort (MxMIndia had carried a comprehensive extract), and now HT Media is launching a coffee table book on print advertising titled “The Magic of Print”. The hardbound volume features contributions from prominent Indian advertising experts like R Balki, Piyush Pandey and Alyque Padamsee. The book has best-in-class print ads from recent decades – not just from India, but across the world, as well as tips on how to create great print creatives.


The content has been put together by Rajan Bhalla, Head Corporate Marketing & Magazines, HT Media and John Thangaraj, Vice President, Planning at Lowe Lintas.


“The Magic of Print” will be unveiled at an event this evening (September 14) and MxMIndia brings you exclusive pre-release extracts from the book. Enjoy.


The book is not for sale, but if you wish to receive a copy, please mail us your request at with the subject HT PRINT MAGIC. Note that mails will be auto-forwarded so please do put HT PRINT MAGIC in the subject line.




Alyque Padamsee
Alyque Padamsee

A good press ad is all about the power of implication. What you imply is what your audience hears… The biggest advantage of print over a tv commercial is in its believability. Even today, people who read something believe it more than when they see something.




Piyush Pandey
Piyush Pandey

The principals of great advertising have been written about for decades and nothing has really changed. It all begins with a good idea. Clean, simple and something that engages the reader… At the end of the day, print is a fantastic medium, that allows for great creativity. It is for clients and agencies to use it creatively to drive home their message.




R Balakrishnan/Balki
R Balakrishnan/Balki

Print to me is the most interactive medium. It’s easy doing a smart print advertisement but it is very difficult to do a good print advertisement.


‘Not a eulogy… a proof of life’
By Rajiv Verma


Advertising today is much deeper and more sophisticated than it was even a few years ago. Viral marketing, 360-degree presence, product placement and interactive campaigns are only a few of the new tools in the arsenal of equipment available to marketers. In the face of this new technology and media, the printed ad may seem almost quaint and outdated; a candle in the age of the electric bulb. One may wonder if it is time to close the chapter on this era and become nostalgic about the printed ads which punctuated our youths. How the Amul girl made the simple meal of bread and butter ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious!’ and Raymond gave us the feeling of being ‘The complete man’.


This book, however, is not a eulogy. On the contrary, this is a counterargument, a proof of life. In collecting some of the best-in-class print advertising, which has graced the pages of newspapers over the past decades, we hope to demonstrate the continuing vivacity and relevance of this medium. These ads have aged well. They continue to evoke the same interest, laughter, and (more importantly) the same temptation and urgency as the first time they appeared on paper. They identify our most basic and most intimately held hopes and aspirations. They exemplify the curious concomitance of commercial and creative instincts which are the soul of this art. In a strange way, they continue to stand out from the wash and whirlwind of more modern advertising media, which now permeates life.


I hope you enjoy this collection of advertising at its finest. I hope it brings back some memories. Above all, I hope that upon reading through it, you come to the same conclusion I did: that the printed ad continues to have a role in this digital world; that the craft of copywriting can still be as effective now as it was a decade ago. Or five decades ago. Or ten. I firmly believe that print should not be an afterthought in even the most modern marketing effort, and I can offer no better evidence than the work assembled here.


Rajiv Verma is CEO, HT Media Limited. The text above appeared as a Foreword to the book


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