Arti Singh: Associate Business Manager at Posterscope Outdoor Advt Pvt Ltd

05 Sep,2012

(Experience: 10 years)


Arti Singh had a non-descript graduation and although she “was never going to Trinity”, she aced advertising and loved the way it ticked. She could not pursue a professional course and without any guidance or competitive edge, she jumped into the hospitality industry.


She soon gained a foothold – and that was all she needed – in Aaren Initiative which was the sister concern of Lintas Group. She worked as a Central Co-ordinator, handling Tata Indicom’s outdoor account at Pan India level for 22 circles.


Talking about her move to Posterscope, Arti explained: “Alice was finally in the rabbit hole! I also got a chance to work in Activation at Tata. And then came a challenging portfolio in the retail division at Posterscope Outdoor. The field was new to me but I was on a high and needed the adrenaline. I went from being a media executive to media manager and right now I am Associate Business Manager, heading a team of my own. I am proud and passionate about my work and my passion leads me to greener pastures and multinational clients. When glory beckons, I march onward.”


“I didn’t wake up some day and ask myself why I am in Media Planning and Buying? I chose this field as much as it chose me. Retail is an extremely disorganized field but at the same time challenging and innovative.”


For Arti, every day is a brand new – pun intended – horizon, with new people, negotiating commercial proposals and maintaining client satisfaction, both existing and new. She feels that the scope is huge and without any stagnancy. Retail is rapidly expanding with great demand and Inventing, Innovating and Inspiring unique and visible trends for brands are her 3 Is for success.


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