Anil Thakraney: Media’s lust for Aaradhya

21 Sep,2012

By Anil Thakraney


Much to the Bachchan clan’s dismay, I am sure, baby Aaradhya’s snaps are all over the media. She’s already become a celebrity in her own right, a Google search throws up nearly 300,000 links. This is not what the Bachchans wanted at all, they have all along been taking every possible precaution to ensure the baby is kept out of the reach of eager photographers.


Now, I understand the media’s desire to click celeb children pics, the janata would want to see them. There is a great deal of interest in celebrities, and this happens in most parts of the world. What amazes me, however, is that Amitabh Bachchan, despite living (and thriving) in the spotlight for all these decades, is in denial about this fact, and therefore all those valiant attempts to conceal the baby’s face. I wonder why the family must behave thus. They do proudly introduce Aaradhya to all their friends and acquaintances (Ms Oprah Winfrey included), so why would they deprive their zillion fans of a little ‘mooh dikhai’? All that will happen is that the fans will feel happy, and would most likely bless the child.


Here’s what I suspect, and I sincerely hope I am wrong about this: The Bachchan family is renowned for being deeply superstitious. Could it be that some sort of a strange belief compels them to keep Aaradhya away from the public glare? Does it have something to do with the chance of an ‘evil eye’ attack? I really hope not. That, if true, would be a real pity, coming from such an educated, well-travelled and cultured family.


As for the press, my own view is that if a famous family does not wish to share its happiness with the aam junta, the media must shun them, however big their celebrity status might be. And I had said the same thing when the Bachchans badly wanted to keep the media out during the Abhi-Ash wedding, some camera guys had even got punched and kicked by the security personnel.


People, I am all for exclusives and scoops. But not at the cost of self-respect. That should be placed above all else. Let’s be hungry, not desperate.




PS: A horror story posted by a Volkswagen customer on a discussion forum. Volkswagen India should spend all their monies in keeping their clients happy, rather than splurging it on silly media ‘innovations’. Vibrator? Oh, puhleeeaze! This example also highlights the power of social media, and why corporates can take it lightly only at their own peril.


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One response to “Anil Thakraney: Media’s lust for Aaradhya”

  1. crabbymommy says:

    I think if the Bachchans do not wish to make their baby’s pictures public, they are well within their rights to do so. Why the questions? Why this uncontrollable desire to know the reason? Even if it’s fear of the supposed “evil-eye” as you say, so what? You’re being judgmental here. It’s their child and they own no explanations to anyone. This innate voyeuristic wish is disgusting, really, and I wonder why it amazes you so much. They may be “thriving” in the spotlight, but they may not want that on their kid. When they think they do, they’ll tell us.

    Just because they are public figures, you think they “must” show to the world what their kid looks like? Why? Beats me.

    And another thing, you are either too naive (or ignorant of the sick elements that unfortunately inhabit this world) but there are all sorts of people out there and to say that all the world wants to do is “bless her”, is making a general statement without thought. While this is what most of the world may want to do, who can ignore the one percent who won’t? (don’t make me spell out what people can do with morphed images) Besides, if people really want to bless the child, they can do it without a picture.