Alok Kapuria: A superb innings

10 Sep,2012

By Alok Kapuria


One year of existence…


Where do I begin? I’d rather start by reporting from the other side of the editorial bastion. Firstly, I’d like to state that it is because of the belief and faith that has been bestowed upon us by our readers and advertisers that we have reached here. Like the Fox Traveller show “This journey is fun…” I’ve had a superb innings so far and the journey has really been fun. It gives me immense pleasure when a media planner/buyer tells me that he/she visits our website and spends anywhere between 7 to 30 minutes every day; I feel mesmerized when I hear such things. Likewise, it feels good seeing the comments that get posted below most of the stories written by many seniors and midlevel media and marketing professionals. It surely builds up one’s confidence. We at MxM feel that the future of news is analysis, which we do in plenty since our focus is always around topics that are new-age, forward looking, agile, alive yet insightful. It is with vigour that I end up telling my clients: invest on us, we are the future!


In the last one year, we have been able to achieve what we aspired to, and that is gaining editorial trust and respect from everyone from the industry. All one needs is clarity of thought. I feel proud to say that we at MxMIndia have managed to keep our environment clutter- and confusion-free. Here, all colleagues are treated equally and guided equally.


As for my personal background, I am a pseudo-Bengali from Hyderabad (as my parents live there) but after spending 10 years in Mumbai, I have become a complete Mumbaikar. I am learning Marathi too and I love Maharashtrian food. Bombay or Mumbai does not matter as long as I am breathing in this city. When Malishka of Red FM raises an alarm every morning shouting Gooooood morninnngggg Mumbaiiiii… it makes me feel that I am very much a part of this city now. When she was the anchor of the show “It happens only in India” on Fox Traveller, I never missed an opportunity to watch it including the repeats. Seeing her transition to television, I wished the same for another famous RJ by the name of Jituraj from Radio Mirchi. It would have been good to have him as a host for a musical show on MTUNES or MIX or MTV as I am sure that the youth of today will relate with him. It helps knowing that he is damn good as a host on air too. Any takers?


Moving on to my obsession for good food, while I have enjoyed the delicacies from Bade Miya in Mumbai on many starving nights, I was equally tempted to tickle my taste-buds by consuming delicacies from Kareems and Pind Baluchi in Delhi. This was made possible as I have to constantly keep travelling to the capital city, since my designation reads ‘National Sales Head’. I am thankful to MxMIndia for giving me this opportunity that allows me to travel to different cities. Similarly, I enjoyed reading Amar Ujala, a Hindi newspaper, while waiting at their reception to meet the team. I was happy to see lots of advertising done by local and national brands. But I am yet to visit clients in Chennai and Bengaluru. Will it mean that I will be able to read and understand content in Malayala Manorama or Sakshi? I do not think so, as I don’t understand that language. So sitting in Mumbai and Delhi, I will never know about local news in South India as much as I will know about news from North India belt by watching channels like India TV and P7.


Trends are changing, reading habits are changing, we all are becoming thirstier for knowledge and there is more appetite for news and more specifically analysis.

While our love for food and travelling is known, it is something that draws us to other facets of the business as well. I love watching FoodFood channel and attempt cooking some of the dishes at home. Poh’s Kitchen on TLC is good too as it makes one feel hungry watching some yummy culinary delights being prepared. Unfortunately, the channel is missing on my STB right now. The cable guy tells me that they are in testing mode as they getting ready for digitization. Hence many times some channels will not appear. I felt happy with the thought that soon my broadcaster-clients will be richer by some percentages in the digitization era. I get happy because it will benefit everyone in the chain. BTW, you must check out our channel on “Digitization” which features the views of stakeholders on the countdown to digitization and its challenges and opportunities.


Today, I can proudly state that I see MxMIndia as one-stop destination for news on everything related to media and marketing. I look forward to the following content every day…


The reviews of the latest television commercial in the section ‘DEBRIEF’ by Anil Thakraney.


Ranjona Banerji’s column ‘FREAKING NEWS’ is seriously freaking given the way she analyses news that gets played in the evening on news channels and in the morning newspapers. When I miss reading the TOI or miss watching ABP News or Times Now in the morning, I rely on this section for my daily updates. Otherwise too, I just read the section to gain perspectives. Yes I do watch India TV in the evenings to make life little entertaining. It’s different. Times Now’s ‘The Newshour’ is a must-watch for me. In case I miss watching it I make sure that I visit ‘Freaking News’ to update myself.


Another blog by Anil Thakraney, ‘HARD KNOCKS’ where he writes about the truth behind the business of media and marketing, is another favourite. Sometimes very bold but not necessarily brash. It’s fun reading through the column and leaves you asking for more.


Paritosh Joshi’s articles on media measurement and the whole business of ratings through ‘MEDIA MATRIX’ are insightful too. I am sure planners and marketers love reading them.


Peter Mukerjea’s thoughts in his column ‘MEDIA MULLINGS’, where he shares global perspectives on the way media businesses function abroad and the way we do business here, is also very enlightening.


Another very interesting section ‘TV TRAIL’ by Shailesh Kapoor, where he shares interesting facts about consumer’s behaviour towards television shows is also fascinating. The section talks about trends in business of television, television content, viewership patterns and consumers preferences. We believe that such content helps planners/buyers, media and marketing professionals to take the right business decisions.


The channel ‘EXTREME FOCUS’, focuses on in-depth analysis of the latest big development in the media and marketing space. A few examples that I enjoyed reading were IPL 5, Imagine turn-off, Satyamev Jayate, NDTV vs TAM and the recent one on Taproot.


And then there is the blog written by my boss, titled ‘MEDIAAH’, which sees him analyse recent issues and concerns surrounding the media and marketing space.


Some ask me why we are not into the business of breaking news. Well, I say that we are in the business of analysing breaking news, trends, research, reports, new launches, account movements and analysing the whole gamut of the business of media and marketing. The core focus for MxMIndia I feel is to do analytical-based content that helps all of us take logical business decisions and one that allows us to keep questioning facts and statements.


Trends are changing, reading habits are changing, we all are becoming thirstier for knowledge and there is more appetite for news and more specifically analysis of any news. Fragmentation is a way of life and the target audiences are scattered. Hence, it would make sense for our clients to invest in us as I see uniqueness in the way we portray the industry. We are the future.


I take this opportunity to thank to all my existing clients and the others who have trusted and supported us from the beginning. I want to thank WWM, Bindass, Lokmat, Colors, Sakal, Star World, Star Movies, Love BIGCBS, BIGMAGIC, Sparks Punjabi, Bigfm, PRIME BIGCBS, Sparks BIGCBS, Sahara One, ABP News, Discovery, Hungama Digital, Movies Now, ET Now, NGC, PIX, AXN, MIX, MAX, Suvarna, Bloomberg, Neo Sports, Web18, CNBC, Zee 24 Taash, Vh1, OPEN, History, Forbes India, UTV Action, Amar Ujala, Mastiii, Dabang, DNA… I also want to thank clients who have given me the opportunity to come and present them our credentials. I specifically want to thank Dainik Jagran, India TV, Myfm, Dainik Bhaskar, Hari Bhoomi, India Today, Headlines Today, Mail Today, Hindustan, HT, iNext, Delhi Press, Redfm, Fever fm, Zee News, Zee Uttar Pradesh, Mathrubhumi, Cartoon Network, Nick, Disney, Star Network, Zee Network, Sony, Maharastra Times, Radiomirchi, Zoom, B4u and Sakshi.


As I end this long, yet emotional note, my request to all would be to keep reading MxMIndia, as we are clearly different from the clutter. Our focus is to not just keep you well-informed, but keep you future-ready.


Cheers! 🙂


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