Aegis launches global single-source consumer behaviour study

20 Sep,2012

By A Correspondent


Global media network Aegis Media has launched its proprietary research based tools Consumer Connections System (CCS)  & OCS in India, today. Originally launched 12 years ago in the UK, CCS has now expanded globally and is available in 40+ countries covering over 250,000 respondents accounting for over 90 percent of global advertising expenditure.  In APAC, CCS is currently active in China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and now India.


CCS will provide India and Aegis Media clients actionable insight into communication usage and engagement across bought, owned and earned digital, experiential and media channels. The investment in the tool stems from a belief that digital is changing everything, and, crucially, contributes to the way advertisers put an understanding of how consumers think and behave at the heart of everything they do.


With a focus on digital, this is the first study to have a significant focus on the digital touchpoints and e-commerce which is on a growth spurt in India. In-depth information is available for the first time in India through CCS which is capable of evaluating the comfort of the consumer with e-commerce.


CCS is owned by Aegis Media and gives the agency and their clients a valuable insight into how today’s consumers choose and use media in our rapidly changing world. In the new era of media, CCS and OCS help to create powerful connections between our client’s brands and their most valuable consumers.


Specifically on the digital space and e-commerce which has been an area of added focus, the research shows a growing role for e-commerce in the market, and early studies suggest:

Of the 18 percent of the population (amongst SEC ABC) who have accessed internet, 40 percent of them have bought something in the last 12 months

48 percent regularly research / look for products online.

Top categories being:

Books – 14.78 percent

Clothes/Shoes/Accessories/Jewellery – 12.83 percent

Insurance – 12.5 percent

10 percent have bought groceries and other household items online.


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