Aditi Patkar: Media Planning Manager, Mindshare

15 Sep,2012

(Experience: 2.5 years)


Aditi Patkar is fondly known as Aditi Patkar. She was born, brought up, schooled (where she passed & failed), tutored, all in Bombay… that’s what it was called when she was born.


She works at Mindshare, Group M Media Pvt Ltd and has two and a half years of media experience. “I am extensively into media planning and I enjoy every bit of it,” she said.


Continuing with the self portrait, Aditi said: “I am a people’s person, with a real interest in brands and their communication. With media planning, the focus is more on your interaction with people and understanding brand requirements. These are mainly the reasons why I chose planning as my forte. Also the fact that it’s dynamic in nature and the success and progression is ultimately down to how you perform!”



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