Triton understands the soul of India: Renton D’Sousa

06 Aug,2012

Renton D’Sousa, National Director – Creative & Strategy will now bear the additional responsibility of Chief Executive Officer for Triton Communications, one of the largest privately held Indian communications agency. Prior to joining Triton over 10 years ago, Mr D’Sousa was the creative head of a few units at Lintas Mumbai. Looking at the graph of some of the ad agencies which had a creative as the Chairman/CEO, looks like Triton and its clients are in for exciting times ahead. In a candid chat with MxMIndia’s Shubhangi Mehta, Mr D’Sousa discusses his future goals and additional responsibilities.


With additional responsibilities now coming your way, what are the new responsibilities you forsee for yourself at Triton?

Besides being the architect of ideas, the additional overarching responsibility now is to ensure the profitability of the business. The agency has to be financially stronger to plough back money into enhancing resources in the knowledge domain to enable the best end product. Above all, I now find myself asking about the “value of an idea”.


Does the new role come with more expectations and pressure? How well do expectations work for you?

The new role definitely comes in with a lot more expectations and pressures. My colleagues and clients can now look forward to more exciting times ahead. Expectations work for me as it poses a new challenge of living up to them. Cliched as it may sound, “there’s no smoke without fire”.


Triton is very quiet when it comes to media exposure. Would you like to change that or does it remain as it is?

We have always let our work do the talking for us. We have done path-breaking work on a continuous basis, but never gone to town talking about it. In the current scenario, it has become a norm to get written about, irrespective of the quality of the end product. We will not be as quiet as before. Having said that, we will talk about our work only if it adds value to our clients’ products.


What are your focus areas for the coming year?

I firmly believe that we are in the business of being creative. This belief has to percolate down to all levels and across all functions. This will be my single area of focus. For eg: Media can get more creative in finding innovative solutions in their area of operations and so can other functions. The franchise on creativity is not exclusive of the creative alone.


Any further structural changes that we can expect from the agency?

The new structure will be that of an agency without boundaries. We will operate as a single cohesive unit. My colleagues will be encouraged to assist across units and offices. This will encourage greater inter-office interaction, besides throwing up new opportunities and enhancing individual skill sets.


How would you rate Triton’s journey over the years?

It has been an interesting, arduous and successful. It has grown to become the largest privately held Indian communications agency. Over the two decades, Triton has enjoyed a successful run in partnering their clients in launching, building and nurturing some of the leading brands in the country across diverse categories.


As a part of Triton, would you like to share certain specific highs and lows?

The highs have been many. We have created many category leaders amidst well ensconced competition;  taken risks that have paid off and benefitted our clients immensely. The lows have been when we had to bid adieu to our long standing relationships either due to management takeovers or global alignments.


What according to you does Triton offers to clients that differentiates it from other agencies?

Triton prides itself on being an Indian agency that understands the soul of India. We believe that do business in India, you need to understand the business of India.


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