The Anchor: Viren Popli on 5 things mobile advertising in India should adopt

02 Aug,2012

By Viren Popli


It is not internet advertising:

Don’t treat it like internet advertising – banners, spam, CTR, CPI. It didn’t work, doesn’t work and will not work.


More co-operation needed:

Handset manufacturer, content owner and telecom companies need to work together and maybe share 30-30-30 and give the tech/reseller 10.


Don’t interrupt conversation:

Use waiting times when we are staring at a blank screen, or listening to a dumb audio sound for advertising. Keep it out of my real conversation.


Consumer is the king:

Allow consumers to select brands he wants to hear from, and ads he wants people to see when they reach out to him. After all, many of us use brands to define our personality – give him a piece of the action.


More engineers in creative agencies:

Have creative agencies hire more engineers and put them on par with the “creative types” – create internal stress. You can’t separate the technology from the message. So no matter how interesting the idea… If the technology doesn’t deliver, neither will the message.


Viren Popli is Senior Vice President – Strategy and Market Development at Mahindra & Mahindra


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