The Anchor: Madan Sanglikar on 4 big changes needed in Indian digital advertising

23 Aug,2012

#1 Erase the traditional vs digital mindset:

This mindset has created a silo where what the digital team does is not known by the traditional media team and vice versa, whether it be at a client level, at an agency level etc. There is no unified thinking and therefore if we want to believe in convergence then it needs to first change with the mindset, not just in the devices. If we can therefore rule out this digital versus traditional mindset, it will work far better.


#2 Single unified data points:

We have different data points for different set of consumers, a lot of countries today are moving towards unified data points. It is high time that we start getting single sourced data which allows us to capture data points for the same consumer across different medium. Right now there are four or five different companies providing different data points, and hence like most developed countries it is high time India also adopts single source data points for tracking consumer behaviour.


#3 Big creative shops must get serious about digital:

While the media side of the business has seen tremendous growth, the creative part of the business is still struggling. I would like to see a lot more traditional media creative guys jumping into the digital media creative bandwagon. Because what I see today is a clear gap in the way work is done; as a result a lot of small time creative shops have got an opportunity to pull this gap. The big creative shops therefore must get serious about digital, not just by acquisition or adding business but, by actually understanding the medium and getting their hands dirty rather than just acquiring business.


#4 Political will to make India more digital-savvy:

There seems to be a lack of strong political will where building good infrastructure facilities in order to make India a digital-savvy country is concerned. I would like to see a strong political will in improving the broadband infrastructure of the country because India is ready and looking forward to newer opportunities in this area but, sadly there are not enough opportunities available at the moment.


Madan Sanglikar is the Co-founder and CEO at AD2C


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