The Anchor: Carlton D’Silva on 5 reasons why marketers must take digital seriously

28 Aug,2012

By Carlton D’Silva


#1 Keep up with the times. To be in tune with the changing milieu it has become imperative for a brand to be present in the digital medium. The brand else would look historic as digital presence is essential for any brand today. It is a way forward for the brands and a way to keep up with the new generation. In fact, the digital presence of a brand and its various innovations is what makes the brand different from the various traditional communication media.


#2 Connect where its TG hangs around. If one is targeting youth, which most marketers today do, then digital cannot be ignored. Data shows that 70 percent of the Indian youth are today online hence it is ‘the’ medium where your TG is and definite should be high on the radar of any marketer who is focusing on this segment.


#3 Cross-function ability. I don’t think any other medium is so agile as digital, which has the ability to extract the good parts of other media and then take it forward. Like an on-ground activation can be recorded and put up on digital and it could go the viral route, thus the restriction of place that an on-ground activity provides can easily be overcome when the same can be viewed by people across. Digital helps in enhancing a traditional medium and can help it make a massive idea.


#4 Quantifiable. No other medium can be tracked better than digital. It can help in specific targeting while being non-intrusive, unlike spillages that happen on traditional media. Also its ability to lead to immediate transactions, like seeing an offer online that leads to purchase there and then, makes it the best option for converting an ad into a sale immediately.


#5 Last but probably the biggest reason why the marketers should adopt digital medium is that it facilitates conversation with consumers. The medium helps to connect instantly with the consumers and no other medium provides that. Also, if there is negative talk around the brand, the medium allows you to listen and then help in taking steps to amend the negatives.


Carlton D’Silva is the Chief Creative Officer at Hungama Digital


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One response to “The Anchor: Carlton D’Silva on 5 reasons why marketers must take digital seriously”

  1. delusion says:

    I couldnt agree any less with your post. I could point out quite a few flaws with your reasoning but I would rather just note one of the most obvious. #4 states that ”
    No other medium can be tracked better than digital.” My main argument with this is that for years and years advertisers have been complaining about the validity of click through rates. Still as of now, no one has taken the initiative to verify which clicks are intentional, accidental, or manipulated.

    To be honest I was quite surprised how a senior in the industry would turn such a blind eye to the drawbacks of digital, especially considering how the Facebook IPO has turned out…and then I saw your credentials…what choice do you have?

    Now you can maybe say that I have some valid points here or just turn a blind eye, after all who could blame you if you did, im just a 22 year old kid trying to find his way in this industry.

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