The Anchor: Albert Almeida on 5 things he would like to see happen in Mobile Advertising

10 Aug,2012

By Albert Almeida


1. Ads beyond mobile internet:

India is still a voice driven market. It would be great if consumers can hear an ad and make a free call rather than see an ad.


2. Better targeting via location-based services and near field communication:

Both these words have become full fledged buzz words in mobile advertising. This can be used for payment with your mobile device, pushing marketing or other content to the user’s phone, as well as many other possible scenarios we have not even thought of yet. NFC has taken off in many parts of Asia, and there is a huge potential for it in India as well.


3. Richer forms of ads (beyond the banners and text ads) – videos – interactive flash based ads:

The changes to the pricing strategies for advanced GPRS and 3G will allow more consumers to access mobile internet. With richer content, we would like to see a surge in creativity in the mobile advertising platform as well. Videos, app-based ads and interactive ads are just a few forms of advertising that we would like to see in mobile advertising.


4. Social Integration in mobile advertising:

With the surge in social networking via mobile devices, we would definitely like to see social integration in mobile advertising. This would also help create word of mouth for brands on social media.


5. Advergaming on a mobile platform:

Gaming has always had great pull and with mobile gaming on the rise, we would want more branded gaming content that can be offered for free in an ad funded model.


Albert Almeida is the COO, Hungama Mobile


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