Anchor: 6 reasons why networking sites appeal to Indians

16 Aug,2012

By Adam Sachs


1. India is a very young country. It has one of the youngest proportioned demographics in the world, even of the BRIC nations.


2. There are over 500 million young people in India and all are looking at an opportunity to interact and know others.


3. More Indian women are going to college and are more educated than ever before. The literacy rates have increased from less than 10 per cent to more than 50 per cent today. With education, comes freedom and the desire to make personal choices for themselves, one of these being who they are going to spend their time with.


4. The Indian population is one of the fastest growing Internet populations in the world. According to Mckinsey, youngsters in aspiring countries drives the adoption of online services, and the level of their engagement with online activities such as social networking. In fact their online activities often exceed that of their developed country counterparts.


5. The socio-cultural dynamics around relationships and marriage in India are changing very rapidly. This change is resulting in Indians seeking out solutions which can help them meet like-minded individuals, have fun experiences, and form real-life relationships. They are ready to experiment and meet prospective people outside their community and family circles


6. Indians are getting married later. There are fewer arranged marriages and far more love marriages. Young adults in India are now interested in having relationships with multiple people before getting married. According to our survey, on average, Indian young adults have 5-6 relationships BEFORE getting married.


Adam Sachs is CEO, Step Out


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