The Anchor: 6 reasons why comics are useful, essential and appeal to various age groups

14 Aug,2012

By Jatin Varma


1. Everyone loves comics

Everyone has read comics as they grew up and many continue to read them. From reading Chacha Choudhary to the Spider-man, they bring alive amazing characters and worlds. You can be of any age and you’ll have comics that will cater to your taste.


2. Prolific, powerful & great literary works

The world of comics has given us writers, editors and artists such as Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee, Warren Ellis, Harvey Pekar, Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, Robert Crumb, Jack Kirby…the list goes on and on. So many of their creations are considered literary masterpieces, and some of the most prolific sequential art in the world. In India, we have people such as Anant Pai, Pran, Ram Wareekar, RK Laxman, to name a few, whose work has touched many people and continues to inspire so many readers and creators in the medium.


3. Socially and politically relevant

Comics are a very powerful visual medium. They put faces and images to various issues and topics facing our society, I can cite Joe Sacco’s Palestine & Amir-Khalil’s Zahra’s Paradise as examples of two really powerful graphic novels that highlight conflicts and injustices in different parts of the world, helping us understand them in much more personal way.


4. Great tool for inculcating reading habits at an early age

Comics are a great way of introducing children to the world of books. It’s the perfect tool for engaging children.


5. Fun & Educational

Some of the most popular comic books in India are based around our History and Mythology. Both Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle are proof of that. Lastly, I feel everyone who reads comics develops a strong personal and emotional bond with them. Comics are an essential part of growing up and for millions they continue to be an essential part of their lives.


Jatin Varma is the founder, Twenty Onwards Media and Comic Con India


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