The Anchor: 5 ways to build trust among e-consumers

24 Aug,2012

By Prasad Shejale


#1 Your Image – Your Website

Your ecommerce website should contain quality content and images. It is best to offer relevant content and display minimum advertisements as far as possible. At the same time, company profile and ‘about us’ content on the website adds to the trust factor of the consumer. The entire look and feel of the website should reflect a high degree of genuineness which in turn builds up the trust of the consumers.


#2 Service & Support

Customer service and support are the vital keys to build up trust and support. With many customer support options available such as email, chat, and phone support expert advice, do offer as much of them live as possible. The idiom ‘Striking when the iron is hot’ stands true and definitely goes a long way in building up customer support and loyalty too!!


#3 Fortifying Customer Relations

Social media and consumer trust are directly proportionate to each other. Along with your social media presence, offering genuine and consumer friendly advice and tips through an article, Facebook post or a tweet is what really counts. These efforts generate a feeling of trust and reliability which can be ascertained when these blogs/articles/posts are further referred by customers.


#4 Know Your Market’s Vibe

Grasping the pulse of the market and being very dynamic to adapt to the latest market trends is essential. Offering just what the customer wishes to purchase is one of the most preferred trust building efforts you can undertake. Always remember ‘Customer is King’, and this mantra does hold true even today.


#5 Respect Privacy

Don’t spam your customer’s mailbox. Just because he has bought once doesn’t mean that he wants your mail every day. Give him an option to unsubscribe or at least decide on the frequency.


Prasad Shejale is Co-Founder & CEO (India), Logicserve Group


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  1. nisha malvankar says:

    All the 5 points are very crisp and conveys message effectively. Reading About us and company profile is a take away for me from this article. Thanks for the article.