The Anchor: 5 ways mobile videos can become an ideal tool for marketers

06 Aug,2012

By Salman Hussain


There’s no arguing that mobile video is hot, happening right now and is going to continue to grow in popularity in the near future. A recent Cisco report predicts that mobile video will generate 66 percent of global mobile data traffic by 2015. The question is how can marketers best harness the power of this amazing medium? Here are five tips:


1. Tap into the rise of the social sharing phenomena. We’re seeing that in mobile video, social sharing is the new search. What better way to find content that is interesting to you than by recommendation from your trusted social network? What this means for marketers is that clever, compelling mobile video creative has just as much of an opportunity to go viral as the latest Bollywood trailer and this translates into amazing brand reach very quickly. It’s not unusual for mobile video views to be driven by social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and BBM by up to 65%!


2. Create a direct line to a highly engaged audience eager to consume brand messaging that is in context and relevant to them. Video is a highly engaging medium. For example a recent survey of nearly 13,000 women in India found that 50% of women spend more than 30 minutes throughout the day snacking on mobile video content. This is significant because by way of comparison 53% of women said they spent a comparable amount time on television, radio and print media combined. And it’s not all just about entertainment. For example, news is another hot genre for mobile video as well. Marketers should use mobile video to deliver brand engagement that is in the context of the video experience consumers are already having, while communicating the brand’s values in a new and refreshing way.


3. Seek inspiration from brands already achieving success with mobile video. Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Sonata are just a few brands that are already seeing success with mobile video. For example, in an effort to create awareness of Pepsi’s India “Change the Game” Campaign, a two-day roadblock featuring a new commercial starring Ranbir Kapoor was created. The roadblock yielded more than 16mn impressions and 160,000 video views. You can find additional ideas here from a number of case studies highlighting mobile video marketing wins from a broad range of companies.


4. Efficiently ensure consistent user experience across all device types. Prior limitations are no longer in existence. Previously, brands needed to take the time to develop multiple versions of creatives, specifically for a variety of popular devices and screen sizes. Or users would have to suffer a less than optimized experience for their particular device, often visiting a landing page first. Now with innovative new ad units, you can automate a consistent user experience on 5,500 different device types with no manual adjustment required. Cadbury Silk is just one brand that’s already saved costs and time using this approach.


5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mobile video marketing is an area ripe for innovation with opportunities for new trends being driven by the proliferation of low end but sophisticated feature phones. These innovations might take the form of new types of ad units or connections to social media sharing or innovations we haven’t even dreamed of yet!


Salman Hussain is Vice President- BD & MD (India & Middle East), Vuclip


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