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31 Aug,2012

By A Correspondent


Bridging the gap between consumers and their quest for a natural lifestyle, was launched recently, offering consumers a large collection of organic and ayurvedic solutions and products from reputed brands.


The website offers free consultation with a panel of experts who can best advise you about treatments for various ailments. Consumers can post their questions online and receive answers from the experts. A full-fledged call centre guides consumers on a 24/7 basis.


Consumers can view and buy ayurvedic products by browsing through various categories, including gender, diseases, organ care, and common ailments. Consumers can search through products from multiple brands as well as all products of a single brand, with around 1000 SKUs already at


The website boasts a strong knowledge base with information on herbs, certifications and their importance. Product attributes include detailed description, brand, ingredients, symptoms, contra-indications, side-effects, user reviews, recipes, nutritional facts, and dosage.


The e-shop offers free shipping for all orders. The website also features an active blog with regular updates related to  organic and ayurvedic lifestyle.


“It is our endeavour to promote Satvik living – free of chemicals, pesticides and pollutants that have entered our lives without us noticing”, said Subhanker Sarker, Business Head, and Indiatimes Shopping. “With reputed partners such as Dabur, Organic India, Morarka Organic Foods and many more, we are confident of reversing this trend and bringing a healthy lifestyle to our consumers. Pre launch consumer engagement has been very encouraging and we already have a Facebook community which is 15,000 strong.”


Krishan Guptaa, M.D & Global CEO,Organic India Pvt. Ltd. Said “Association of Organic India and is the ideal partnership to deliver authentic Organic products to our consumers. Both companies have similar vision to ensure everyone in the chain from Mother earth, farmers, associates , employees , consumers and planet as a whole wins with this unique partnership.”


“MOFL being the single largest and oldest retail organic player in India has always been supportive of initiatives that creates awareness and makes organic food more accessible to the masses.  The availability of organic food has not yet spread to every nook and corner of this country, though the health conscious consumers live in every place. We are sure that many consumers who have not been able to buy from shops will now be able to buy it on line. provides consumers with a fantastic platform to access the same.The credibility of indiatimes will also convince them to do so.” said  Mukesh Gupta,CEO,Morarka Organic Foods Ltd, Jaipur and Executive Director – Morarka Foundation.


Times Internet’s latest vertical – eyes Rs 160 cr+ by 2013
By A Correspondent 

Times Internet recently launched a vertical e-commerce site – It offers consumers wide range of organic and ayurvedic solutions and products from reputed brands. is a vertical which is powered and funded by Indiatimes Shopping. The website offers free consultation with a panel of experts who about treatments for various ailments. Post launch, will take a 360 degree marketing approach wherein it will leverage all the properties within its group. In conversation with MxMIndia, Subhanker Sarker, COO and Business Head of Indiatimes Shopping & spoke at length about his new vertical, the break-even plans and the post launch marketing plans for, the growth targets and much more.


Q: Despite having a horizontal e-commerce site, Indiatimes shopping, why the need for a vertical – is a vertical which addresses a need gap of providing organic and ayurvedic product to the Indian consumer, and is powered and funded by Indiatimes Shopping. Indiatimes Shopping is a horizontal portal which has various categories and is probably one of the most per capital efficient e-commerce players. What we figured is that ayurveda in India is estimated to be a humongous Rs. 6,000-crore plus industry. Organic food is estimated to be in excess of around Rs 650 crore now, growing at a CAGR of 15 per cent. So very clearly Indian consumers are adopting health products, and this trend we realize is not limited to large cities but also tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This is where we saw this opportunity of an e-commerce player capable of delivering to the entire country as a brand. is therefore also a pioneer in this space. Once this vertical stabilizes we also plan to provide the same product in our horizontal portal i.e. Indiatimes Shopping.


Q: What kind of research was undertaken before the launch of the vertical? How did you realize the need for an e-commerce site on ayurvedic and organic products?

We did not do any specific research but we had enough secondary data available which indicated the need and highlighted the opportunity to bring both ayurvedic and organic properties together. Even in the offline scenario you have shops but you will not find one shop which sells both organic and ayurvedic products, thus we saw this as an opportunity.


Q: You had a soft launch last week; what is the kind of response you have been receiving from consumers and marketers alike?

A month before the launch, we opened a Facebook page on We received encouraging response in terms of engagement with our potential consumers. Today we are on the fifth day of the commercial launch and our transactions have touched over 100 per day which is also very encouraging.


Q: Are you in partnership with any brands for the site? Which ones?

In both ayurveda and organic there are roughly 20 odd brands which contribute to almost 95 per cent of the consumption. We have partnership with most of the significant players, namely Dabur, Morarka and so on. Now, these are different levels of partnership, it ranges from revenue sharing to commission.


Q: What is the business model that you follow at

There is a need gap and consumers are looking for a solution, some amount of consultation and recommendations and products are mostly sold on MRPs in India. This is the strength you will find in the offline scenario. As far as online is concerned, here too we are selling the product at the right price, but we will provide free consultation as well as free home delivery, and because it is addressing a need gap, the business has a healthy gross market.


Q: What is your post launch marketing strategy? How do you intend to reach out to your consumers?

We will leverage on various properties on our group, and take a 360-degree marketing approach. Our TG is any health-conscious family in India, especially those in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities.


Q: Do you have a mobile strategy too?

Mobile as a strategy is linked to Indiatimes Shopping, we already have a very vibrant Android and iPhone app where some amount of transaction is happening. We are looking at innovative ways of mobile payment and all of those will get integrated with as well.


Q: And when do you plan to achieve break-even position?

We will be profitable within the first 12 months of our launch.


Q: And the nature or the kind of investments put into

Satvikshop is a vertical powered and funded by Indiatimes Shopping. Satvikshop will leverage Indiatimes Shopping’s technology platform and supply chain infrastructure to be able to deliver organic and ayurveda products to households across India. We have invested to build a diet and health consultation platform and customised customer support, and will further invest in the infrastructure as we scale up. We will also invest in building the brand with a 360-degree approach.


Q: What are the revenue and growth targets for for this year and the next?

We are targeting nearly Rs. 60 crore this FY and in excess of Rs. 160 crore by the next year.


Q: Lastly, what are your views on the e-commerce business in India?

The last couple of years had seen the definitive adoption of online shopping by Indian consumers in a big way, almost across all categories. The trend clearly indicates that e-commerce business in India will grow exponentially. We believe that Indiatimes Shopping, with a planned Gross Margin of 3 per cent and Revenue per Employee per year of Rs. 1.2 crore, is aligned towards a path to profitability as an ecommerce player. Our ASP of Rs. 2200 is highest among all horizontal e-commerce players. Indiatimes Shopping is highly capital efficient and is easily scalable to 10X because of a robust in-house technology platform and the process/model leverage that we have.




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