Ranjona Banerji: When Boria Majumdar went ballistic on Vikas Krishan

06 Aug,2012

By Ranjona Banerji


Even though the greatest show on earth is far from over, it can be nominated a news dominator this week and possibly next week as well. The Olympics have been at the forefront of news in India, as has plenty of hope, hysteria and of course given that this is an international competition, as much jingoism as possible.


The top purveyor of jingoism in the English news world in India is Times Now and its main proponent is Boria Majumdar. I do not know what his journalistic credentials are (the few times I have tried to read his mediocre writings he is described as an academic) but there he is, screeching away as he saves India’s pride or takes India to task all over London. His greatest glory came when the boxer Vikas Krishan was first declared a winner and then a loser in his bout against an American boxer. Majumdar stayed up all night pondering this terrible act of cruelty. Then he woke up all the Indian officials to find out why they were sleeping when they should have declared war on Britain, the International Olympic Committee, the USA, the various boxing federations, the judges and so on.


Once Majumdar informed Times Now (I really hope he woke up all the biggies at 5 am also), the channel found a juicy bone to get its patriotic teeth into. India demanded answers, why was prime minister Manmohan Singh not calling American president Barack Obama, was Suresh Kalmadi somehow responsible, how dare India sleep when an Indian as insulted and other such thrilling stuff.


The other channels and other journalists and other sportspersons which and who are clearly not such supreme patriots started looking for the reasoning behind such a brutal decision by the judges. Boxer Akhil Kumar on CNN-IBN said quite clearly that the American had boxed better and he was surprised when Krishan won. Others who saw the match said that even the Indian boxer looked surprised that he had won. Others pointed out that this outrage should have been directed at the loss handed out to Indian boxer Sumit Sangwan who everyone, from the commentators of the match, said had been cheated out of a victory.


Anyway, soon Indian Saina Nehwal won a bronze medal and then shooter Vijay Kumar won a silver (and that story we shall take on tomorrow) and Krishna Poonia conducted herself very well in the discus competition and we forgot all about the war fronts India had opened up across the planet.




And at the end, a lesson for Anna Hazare and his dyspeptic gang of newborn politicians – next time you want to launch a grand movement, don’t do it during the Olympics. There is only so much patriotism the people of India can digest at any one time.


Ranjona Banerji is a senior editor and commentator. She is Contributing Editor, MxMIndia. The views here are her own


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