Rahul Kansal: No shortcuts with TAPROOT!

30 Aug,2012

Rahul Kansal, the Executive President at Bennett, Coleman and Co Ltd has been an adman before he moved to the print business with The Times of India. Having been part of the agency business, Mr Kansal is aware of the shortcut solutions that many agencies come out with for brands. And that’s precisely the difference that Aggie and Paddy who have worked on The Times of India campaigns bring to the table. According to him, Taproot India comes out with original work customized to answer perfectly a brand’s needs unlike taking the safer route of applying a formula to tackle the brand worries:


Advertising industry has its own big names but I think the difference that both Aggie and Paddy bring together is that they are perfect teammates who complement each other thus helping in enhancing each other’s brand solutions. Aggie I would say is amongst the most versatile thinkers. He never has any preconceived notions of any of the brands issues so when his approach is always new and in accordance with what the brand needs at that point of time. He assesses the brand, market and consumer needs and comes out with a specific solution that will address the issue. He doesn’t apply stereotypes hence the brief that arrives is highly original leading to a highly creative solution.


Paddy then complements by giving the most appropriate treatment to the concept and that probably is their winning formula. They are agile in their thinking and that’s the reason I think they have been able to create something as hard-hitting as I am Mumbai for Mumbai Mirror, something frothy for Mumbai Times, and created a sociological trend with Airtel’s Har Friend Zaroori Hota Hai with a mass appeal. They took an everyday insight of how friends are important and applied it to Airtel making a strategic shift for the brand. In fact, the campaign is not just a pretty creative work but strategically thought of insightful work that has helped the brand enormously.


As for The Times Group, the brand has an old legacy and is considered a great brand but I think with their association Aggie and Paddy have managed to create a new buzz around the brand.


I am looking forward to their association with Dentsu as I can understand that the independent creative spirit of Taproot will continue to remain as it is but will give them resources of a global network to equip them better. I think it’s a win-win situation for both. I think lot of boutique agencies falter as they lack skill to expand well leading to indiscriminate decisions which might not work in their favour. For Taproot, this has never been an issue. They have been able to attract fabulous talent and I have always been amazed how they can manage to find such bright and talented people. So there has always been a method in the duo’s thinking and this decision to partner with Dentsu will only strengthen their presence further.


As told to Tuhina Anand


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