New series/Relative Values | We are professionals first: Divya and Yogesh Radhakrishnan

02 Aug,2012

Starting today, and every Thursday, MxM will take you beyond our regular news and look at the people in the business of media and marketing. So on the first Thursday of every month, we will have a section titled ‘RELATIVE VALUES’ featuring siblings, parents-children, cousins etc who may be working in the same or allied sectors of media, advertising and marketing.


It’s Raksha Bandhan today, and a good day to to start the series. So, meet brother Yogesh and sister Divya Radhakrishnan, both of who have done remarkably well in their respective careers and without work getting in the way…


Yogesh Radhakrishnan and Divya

By Meghna Sharma

Everyone is talking about Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor finally working together on film as brother and sister. One can talk about the number of brother-sister duo working in the same field.


According to some it’s no big deal, whereas others feel personal equations do change when they work together. MxMIndia spoke to one such duo on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan to find out their take on it.


Divya Radhakrishnan and Yogesh Radhakrishan are forces to be reckoned with in their respective fields. Yogesh is CEO of Prime Connect which engages in the business of distributing satellite television and other allied services through traditional and emerging media across homes and commercial establishments in India; while Divya is MD, Helios Media – an integrated ancillary service company for television broadcasters.


So when asked if it has ever led to rivalry between them, both were quick to refute it.  “I’m a media planner while he’s into broadcasting. So we have always been on the two opposite ends of the table. Hence, there is no question of competition,” said Divya. “Both of us are very professional and for many years people didn’t even know we were related!”


“We know where to draw the line. Even while interacting for work…,” added Yogesh who is interrupted by Divya: “Actually, I’m a tougher buyer to him than to anyone else,” she laughed.


Taking work back home is nothing new, so it isn’t surprising if the siblings end up having talking about work, even if they meet after office hours. According to Divya, both of them are in a field where work is bound to go back home with them and they do end-up discussing about the industry, at large and other healthy discussions related to it.


“Rakhi has always been special day for us; although, we don’t believe in any rituals,” replied Divya, when asked if there were any special plans for the day and Yogesh, who is down with fever, agreed.


So, be it any field, one can work without relationships getting in the way, by being mature professionals. Maybe blood is always not thicker than water!


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